10 Best CPU Temperature Monitoring Software (Windows 10, 7, 8.1)

Today, we will be discussing the best CPU temperature monitoring software available for download.

best CPU temperature monitor software

Sometimes as you use your computer, your CPU temperature tends to be excessively high. This is due to an attempt to over-lock the processor of that computer system. If you notice, at times like that your PC or desktop system begins to shut down, lock up, or act languid.

There is a very possible resolution that overheating is the issue. Watching your CPU temperature is important and very vital to the safety of that computer system. It is why on this page, we will explore and discuss some of the best CPU temperature monitoring software for Windows.

CPU Temperature Monitoring Software – They work on Windows.

  1. Speccy


Speccy or daily driver is a CPU temperature monitoring software that allows you to measure the temperature of your computer CPU. When installed on your computer Speccy becomes the number stop spot for all information about your system vitalities and general performance. It supports both 32-bit and 64-bit computer systems.

It Major features include:

  • Information on the real-time temperature of computer components
  • Screenshot capture
  • Advanced insight into your computer system.

Download Speccy for free Here

  1. HW Monitor

HW Monitor

HW Monitor is one best free CPU monitor software that keeps track of your computer temperature and it’s various system components. It tracks current incoming voltages and informs you if excess current is being supplied. To ensure that your computer system is not susceptible to overheating or hardware failure.

Its major features include:

  • Free and easy to use interface
  • Very fast in performance, compared to other CPU monitoring software.
  • Supports and records log files.

Download Hw Monitor Here

  1. Open Hardware Monitor

Open Hardware Monitor

Open Hardware is a free open source software that helps users in determining the current temperature of their Computer CPU. It offers a detailed analysis of computer CPU temperature, that can help users avoid overheating, keeping their computers in an optimal and sound state. Open Hardware is a standout software among the best arrangements of CPU monitoring programs.

Its major features include:

  • Plain and straightforward interface
  • Backings to indicate more data about PC temperature
  • Very detailed CPU temperature analyzer
  • Provisions to export data are also included as well.
  • Free of cost and windows compatibility.

Get Open Hardware Monitor Here for free

  1. Real Temp

Real Temp

Real Temp is a free and best CPU temperature monitoring software that is developed for single Intel core, dual core, quad core and i7 core processors. With this CPU monitoring software, you can see the continuous temperature of your computer system and likewise get information about the most extreme and least temperature rises.

Its features include:

  • Provision of the maximum and minimum CPU temperature records.
  • It can individually calibrate each CPU Core
  • It is very quick and accurate.

Note: it supports all processors, However, Pentium 4 processors are not supported.

Download Real Temp Here

  1. Core Temp

Core temp

Core Temp is a free and easy to use CPU temperature monitoring software that has a simple user interface which is helpful for all kinds of users. The software provides accurate readings on temperature and voltage of your system. Its helpful user interface provides Vital system information that helps users avoid system crashing or hanging.

Its major features include:

  • It collects reports via digital thermal sensors
  • Core Temp has already placed alert systems that can shut down the procedure in case of overheating.
  • It supports Intel and AMD processors.

Try Core Temp Here for free.

  1. AIDA64


AIDA64 is a paid CPU Temperature monitoring software, with several advanced features, because I said advanced features doesn’t mean it is a very tough software. Actually, it has a user-friendly interface that is simple and very understandable. This monitoring software doesn’t give you a very detailed report as Open hardware does, but I present the most relevant details that are useful to your system’s health and general performance.

Its key Features include:

  • it’s compatible with very advanced and new processors as well.
  • It performs a stress test on installed systems to check stability.
  • Very user-friendly interface.

Interested in AIDA64 Download Here.

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  1. SpeedFan

Speed fan

Speedfan is an unprecedented CPU temperature software that provides genuine precise CPU temperature data, it doesn’t just measure the temperature of your CPU, but also keeps accurate track of other system components that ensure the proper functioning of your computer system. Speed fan is the best CPU temperature monitor software for windows 2019.

Its major features include:

  • Swift and accurate temperature results
  • User-friendly interface with simple instructions
  • Speedfan depicts results in form of charts which is much more easier to comprehend for beginner users.
  • Get the full version of Speefan for Windows Here.
  1. HWiNFO


HWiNFO is another free best CPU temperature monitoring software on our list today. With a special stand amongst the best CPU software. HWiNFO is simple and easy to use, it is special because it operates in sensor mode only. It provides detailed information about your computer system that can enhance general system performance and lifetime as well.

Key Features of HWiNFO include;

  • Real-time monitoring of system components.
  • Very easy to use interface for beginner users.
  • You don’t need any specialized information to utilize this monitoring software.

You can Download HWiNfO Here.

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  1. SIW Portable

SIW Portable

This CPU Temperature monitoring software is a detailed program that provides relevant information about the health of your system and CPU temperature. The only thing to keep in mind when selecting a monitoring software like this one is the specification of your chips. If your chips don’t have sensors attached to them, this software won’t work on that system

It vital inherent capabilities include:

  • SIW is free and easy to utilize.
  • Visual interface platform for a better viewing experience.
  • You can send information to others Via SIW.
  • With SIW you can determine the CPU Fan speed as well.

Download SIW Portable Here.



This software program is specifically designed for ASUS system users regarding all CPU Temperature problems. This powerful software diagnoses your system in and out, providing relevant information about system health and components.

Its features include:

  • A 4-way optimization to detect best settings
  • Graphical and statistical reporting of results for easy comprehension
  • All in one menu bar, for easy option access.

Note: Asus Ai suite is the official Asus CPU temperature monitor software.

For More Info On Asus AI Suite, Visit Here.


A lot of system users have lost the much-needed awareness about their system CPU temperature and the need to monitor it, while they work. Most users don’t care anymore. The proper regulation of CPU Temperature is overly important and cannot be over-emphasized, as it helps the system components function properly enhancing long-lasting system performance.


So if you love that PC of yours, and want it to last a long time, it’s high time you start regulating and checking it’s CPU temperature with one of the above-listed CPU Monitoring software’s. Here is a comprehensive list of 10 best CPU Temperature monitoring software for Windows, don’t keep making that mistake again, pick one for a better system life and system experience. Thank you.

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