How to Create menu, Custom Menu and Drop Down Menu in WordPress


How to Create Menu in WordPress

You want to learn how to create menu in WordPress? Creating a WordPress menu is very simple. In WordPress, you can create different types of menu, you can make custom menu, drop down menu and the type generated from already created pages, categories or a particular post (article) etc.

Right here in this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to create a WordPress menu and a drop down menu then I will move on to also show you how to create the one linking to a particular page or website in WordPress okay?

What is menu?

Before we move on, for the sake of beginners, I am going to explain what a menu really means. Generally, a menu simply means the row of links commonly found at the top or the bottom of every website. This links lead you to a particular page on a website. See sample below.

WordPress Menu

In WordPress, there are two types of menus; the primary and the footer menu (the one at the bottom of the website).

Please Note this: Your theme controls how WordPress menu appears on your site. It is always wise to refer to your theme documentation for details on how it should work with the theme.

How to create WordPress menu

Before you can add pages to your menu, you must have created your pages earlier. If you’ve not done that, follow this link to learn how to create pages in WordPress. Now, to start creating WordPress menu for yourself, use the following steps:

how to create menu in WordPress

  1. Login to your WordPress Dashboard
  2. Locate the Appearance tool bar from the right hand side of the dashboard
  3. Click Menus from the fly-out.
  4. Enter a name for your menu (e.g. Main Menu), then click on Create Menu.
  5. Under Pages section, choose the page(s) you wish to add by checking the little box next to them and click Add to Menu. This, you can find at the left hand side of the page.
  6. Arrange the menus according to their priority by just dragging each to any point of your choice.
  7. Click the save button to save changes (This button is usually blue in color).

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How to create Drop down Menu in WordPress

  1. To create a drop down menu, simply drag the page you wish to use to the left of the parent page to create a hierarchy. See the image below:Creating drop down in WordPress
  2. Under Menu Settings, choose the location where you want your menu to show. If you need it to show on the header part of your website like every other website, choose the “Primary Navigation” box.
  3. Click Save Menu to apply changes.

When they all set successfully, refresh the home page of your website to see the menus appear.

How to create a custom Menu

Custom menu is the type you create that links to another website or file. For a better understanding, I want to create one to link to our job portal. Make sure you’re still on the menu page.

creating custom menu in WordPress

  • In the right hand side of the page, click Custom Links.
  • In the URL pane, enter the website address you wish to link starting with http:// (Example:
  • In the Link Text pane, Enter the name for the menu (This will represent the link on the front page. E.g. Jobs).
  • Click on Add to Menu button to add this menu to the existing ones.
  • Position them to your desired location as you did earlier and save.

You may now refresh your homepage to see changes. Clicking the newly created menu will redirect you to the URL you inserted.

If you have been following this tutorial from onset, allow me to congratulate you. You’ve just learnt how to create menu in WordPress.

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