How to Create Pages in WordPress

Written by Abe Cherian

WordPress allows you to create pages for your content through the tool bar at the right hand side of the Dashboard screen. To create your Home page for instance, move your mouse around the Pages menu and click Add New. When the WordPress editor loads up, Enter the title of your page (Example Home).static-homepage-1

The WordPress Editor contain several tools for entering and formatting your text. If you already know how to use Microsoft Word, then you won’t find it difficult to use it.

Enter the content of your homepage in the editor. You can also add media files like videos and images into the editor.

Adding Images

To insert image to your document,

  1. Click on the Add Media button at the left top corner of the editor.
  2. When the Media window pops up, either use your existing images by clicking on them (If you have any) or
  3. Insert a new picture from your computer by clicking on Add New link from the top.
  4. In the next screen, click on the browse button.
  5. Locate the picture from your computer and click Insert
  6. When is it successfully uploaded, click on Insert into Post button

Note that the picture can be resized to your desired size by using the same method used in Microsoft Word.

Linking Text and Images

In case you do not know what a link is, see examples below

If you want to link a particular text or image to another website or any of your pages like I did above, Type and highlight the text, then click on the “Chain” icon among the tools. Enter the URL or website address you are linking to and click Insert. (See the image below).creating pages in wordpress

Of course you know what numbering & bulleting is all about in Word processing programs like MS Word.

I encourage you to experiment other tools in the Editor to see how they all work.

When your Page is ready, click the Publish button at the right hand side of the window to save and publish your work. Use the same proceedures when creating other pages (About us, Services, Contact Us).

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