10 Best Crossword Apps for Android and iOS

Most phones that are produced these days come with games. Some come with action games while others are loaded with an arcade game. But, if you love to play crossword games, you would have to visit your devices store to download any crossword app you can find regardless of the quality. So, if you love crossword puzzles a lot, then read on. Also, I will be listing the best crossword apps you can download, for either your Android or iOS devices. Though there are many crossword apps, this article will analyze the ones in this list, to show you why they are the favorite ones that can download to play your crossword games offline and online.

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  1. Wordscapes

  • crossword apps-wordscapesWordscapes is a fun and amazing app to download for your Android and iOS devices. After you have downloaded this app, you can start playing as it does not give you any difficulty. Also, an amazing feature in this app is the background. Once you start playing the game, you are sure to like and enjoy it.
  1. Little Crossword Puzzles

little crosswords puzzlesLittle Crossword Puzzles allows you to do a lot of things on it after you download it on your Android and iOS devices. It is a mini crossword puzzle you can be sure to finish in less than five minutes. Similarly, you can play this game offline. This game has a difficulty level that can be challenging but, it depends on your level of expertise to complete the puzzle.

  1. Clean Crosswords

clean crosswordsClean Crosswords is another app that you can easily get for both your Android and iOS phones. This app allows you to play tirelessly as long as you want. This game can be quite challenging for most people to play. But, the app gives you little hints and clues for you to figure out the puzzle. It actually allows you to select the level of difficulty you want so that you can play the game to the end.

  1. New York Times Crossword

crossword apps-new york times crosswordNew York Times Crossword is another amazing app that lets you play your crossword easily on your Android and iOS devices. In addition, this app is very convenient to use and easy to play. You can play it both online and offline. It gives you a free subscription for 7 days, and at expiration, you can now subscribe to New York times crossword game and have fun with unlimited games.

  1. WordBrain

word brainWordBrain is another app that allows you to do a lot while you use it. Also, the app allows you to exercise your brain and make it broad. This app comes with a variety of features and in different languages. There are up to 7 languages on the app that you can easily select from on your Android and iOS devices. One of the features of this app is that it has more than a thousand levels that you can play. So, if you are an expert or a lover of crossword puzzles, you have got yourself a real challenge.

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  1. Crossword by AppyNation

crossword apps-crossword by appynationCrossword by AppyNation is another app that allows you to play crossword of fun and love. You can get this crossword on your Android and iOS. However, this app can be really challenging for most gamers as it has hundreds of puzzles you can play. Unlike the New York Times Crossword, you can play this app offline.

  1. Crossword Light

crossword lightCrossword Light is another app that allows you to enjoy your crossword game easily without any problems on your Android and iOS devices. This app is very convenient to use and play. Though, for most people, it might be challenging to play. Also, like Clean crossword, this app gives you hints that you can use if the puzzle becomes too difficult for you.

  1. Penny Dell Crossword

crossword apps-penny dell crosswordPenny Dell Crossword is also part of the top crossword apps that you can download, on your Android or iOS devices. In addition, this app gives you the best gameplay experience. Like most apps in this article, this app also allows you to choose the level of difficulty you want if you are not up to the basic level.

  1. CodyCross

cody crossThis app is also like a lot of apps in this article, and it is free to download and use on either your Android or iOS devices. Also, it has its own features providing you amazing game experience, and new things to do, as you progress on each level. It is amazing and fun to play. Try it today.


  1. Wordalot

crossword apps-wardalotWordalot is an amazing app that allows you to have an awesome gameplay experience. It is similar to other crossword apps in this article. This app has hundreds of levels of difficulties during play you can progress through. Furthermore, it is also a picture puzzle app that is easy for you to play. There are tons of different pictures that are aligned for you to place together and, solve on your Android or iOS devices.


In conclusion, if you love crossword puzzles, then you would realize that you can never get bored whenever you have nothing to do. Also, in this article, you have the top crossword apps that you can download any time and use easily. Get anyone out of this list and enjoy a good crossword puzzle game.


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