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Cubase Free Download (Latest Version) for Windows And Mac


Cubase is one of the preferred Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) available to music artists and music producers alike. Steinberg develops the software and it operates on both Windows and Mac operating systems. Its availability and ease in recording audio in MIDI file format, editing and arranging music, makes it one of the highly sought after audio editing software today. Its widespread acceptance is not surprising as it is available in nine different languages. This allows for a diverse user base. So many versions of the software are available since the company commenced production in April 1989. We will take a look at some of the versions and of course, how you can get Cubase free download.

Cubase from Steinberg

Versions of Cubase Free Download

Steinberg released the first version of Cubase in April 1989. Its name was Cubase Atari after a series of name changes due to issues pertaining to trademark. It ran on the Atari computers (520 ST and 1040ST) as long as they had 1MB RAM. It needed a monochrome monitor (Atari SM-124) to function as well.

Apple Macintosh computers specifically got Cubase 1.0 Macintosh in the year 1990.

In the same year, Cubase 2.0 Atari was released. It supported only MIDI files.

Fast forward to 1991, the company produced Cubase audio. This version, also exclusively for Mac systems needed TDM systems for its audio functionality.

Steinberg produced the first Cubase for windows, Cubase for Windows 3.0 in 1992. Cubase Score for Windows 3.11 in 1993 followed it. This new software had key, drum, list, logical, score editing and printing as well as a GM/GS editor.

Steinberg released over 40 versions of Cubase from 1996, when the second Cubase for Windows was released, up till November 15, 2018.

Cubase 10.5, the latest version is available in three categories. Cubase Pro 10.5, Cubase Artist 10.5 and Cubase Elements 10.5. We will take a look at the features that accompany this new DAW version next. Afterward, we will consider how to get Cubase free download

Features of Cubase Free Download (Latest version)

The features of the new version of Cubase help its users get work done fast and ease the workflow. Let’s have a look.

  • Spectral Comparison EQ

This feature helps you to clean up frequencies. It therefore consequently creates room for each of your instruments to give you a good mix. You can easily identify where you need more action and of course, where you need less. It is available for the Pro category only.

  • Video Export Render

Cubase is a Digital Audio Workstation. However, this latest version allows you to send videos to your clients and even collaborators from within its workspace. Video Export Render, render videos in MP4 format. It compresses them and takes as little space as they possibly can while retaining quality. This feature is available to all three categories

  • MultiTap Delay

This is a feature that is useful to music producers and especially, artists. It allows you to provide rhythm for the echo. Additionally, you have up to eight taps for every delay loop and edit every tap if you wish to. It is available for all categories except Elements.

  • Padshop 2

This feature is only available on Pro and Artist categories of Cubase 10.5. Spectacular soundscapes are available in the spectral oscillator. The Padshop 2 has more tools such as the Arpeggiator that helps you add motion to your sound. Padshop 2 has 100 finished sound presets and you can as well create yours. This is also available when you get the software through Cubase free download.

  • Colored Mixer Channels

The Colorized Mixer Channels help you instinctively change audio settings, so you don’t get lost in the digital knobs. They thereby fulfill the purpose of making work seamless. Every set of knobs that control audio effects are color-coded so you can work, even from a distance. It is available for all three categories.

Other features like the Retrospective MIDI Record allows you to have a record of what you were doing when you weren’t really recording.

Also, you can import Tracks from projects that you have done previously when you need something similar.

What’s more? You get to edit works better and faster with the Combined Select Tools.

Additional features that improve workflow are Improved Score Editor, Easier Macro Creations, Safe Start mode, LUFS normalization, Stereo Delay, De-Esser and Room works for elements.

System requirements for Cubase Free Download

There is a need to consider what type and level of PC can take on all these features. So, to avoid system hanging, let us check them out.

For Windows: 64-bit Windows 10 version 1903, 64-bit Windows 10 version 1809.

For Mac: macOS Mojave, macOS Catalina.

CPU: Intel i5 or faster


HD free space: 30GB

Display Resolution: 1920 x 1080

Graphics: Graphics card with direct 10 and WDDM 1.1 support (Windows Only).

How To Get Cubase Free Download

To download Cubase, visit the producer of the DAW’s site. Purchase the software at very affordable prices. The prices you get depends on the category of Cubase 10.5 you wish to get.

However, for Cubase free download, the site offers a free trial for every intending user for a period of thirty days. Also, if you have purchased the previous version of the Cubase audio editor, you can upgrade to the new one for free.

Cubase free download (Buy and free)


On a final note, avoid illegal sources of download. Steinberg offers a lot of options you can choose from, depending on your capability. Choose from them and save yourself from the risk of losing data through viruses and hacking. Cubase free download is very much available, visit the legitimate source and get your work started.


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