PowerDirector Review: Price And Features

power director video editor price
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PowerDirector video editor is a highly specialized software developed by Cyberlink for all types of video editing. Power Director is one of the most preferred when it comes to simplicity and professionalism. Videos can be trimmed with this software. Two video clips can be joined using this software. Overlaying of clips can be carried out using this software. These are in addition to enormous effects that can be performed to Make the videos thrilling and entertaining. Let’s check out the PowerDirector review, features and pricing.

PowerDirector Review

PowerDirector Review And Features.

PowerDirector can be used on Windows operating systems and can work on windows 10. It is best used on 64-bits versions.

PowerDirector is a great tool for video production. Its features are user-friendly. Even pure novice in video editing can use this software with ease.

It gives room for mixing of photos, clips, and direct recording turning everything into unique outputs. Some of the major features embedded in the latest version of this tool include action camera, motion tracking, 360-degree footage, express projects, magic movie wizard, content aware, multi-cam editing, encoding and importing.  The speed boosters and open computing language make the process of video editing fun and easy.

Many editions of PowerDirector are available. They are director suite, ultimate suite, ultra suite, deluxe suite and standard suite.

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Benefits of using Power Director

The advantages that come with using this tool is much. Video editing functionalities are in PowerDirector are robust. It allows users to edit videos, import and export like ultra HD 4K video.

PowerDirector review

The magic wizard automates the video output process. It is quite simple. Upload the clips, choose your preferred video style and the background music. The magic wizard will synchronize the footage picking all the shots to cumulate for a perfectly blended video output. The video can be fine-tuned via the full feature editor.

Express project feature allows preprogrammed video templates. It assists users in selecting the best video shots to make the best footage. This feature simplifies the whole editing project.

During the process of video recording, there might be some shaky footages. The 360-degree feature corrects the shaking recordings, adds effects to the video, zoom and sets anchor points.

The true theatre feature automates the colouration in videos. Saturation, hue, brightness and other footage colour analysis are done via this feature.

On the whole, great ambient of class is what is given out to viewers. Power Director video editor is rated as one of the top 40 video editing software.

Technically, PowerDirector supports up to 8 languages – English, Chinese, German, Japanese, Spanish, French, and Italian.

The pricing is done via a one-time payment. It supports small, medium and large business plans.

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Features of Power Director Video Editor

This tool is very versatile. It has the full feature editor, design tools, support for formatting of videos, all effects and template features, audio director, colour director, etc.


PowerDirector has several pricing packages which are designed to satisfy the needs of the customers. The basic power director plan cost $139.99, the ultra PowerDirector package – $279.93 and the ultimate PowerDirector – $399.99. You can check out all their packages here.

PowerDirector price

As the name implies, it is a powerful software that is a must-have for all video editing professionals.

Now, tell us. Has this PowerDirector review helped you reached a decision yet?

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