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List of Data Analysis Software Free Download

In this post, you will learn about data analysis software that you can download free. Moreover, data analysis helps businesses collect, organize, interpret and present data in meaningful ways for decision making. Also, it lets companies analyze existing data using mathematical models and simulation techniques, to generate results that will create new opportunities. More so, they also use the analysis to study past sales trends and forecast future demands. Furthermore, data analysis software lets you manipulate large volumes of data. Hence, this gives you valuable information that helps individuals make good decisions.

data analysis software

Besides, whether you want to use the software for business or academic purposes, data analysis leads to growth in both fields. Also, the data analysis software in this post is fully-functional and totally free. Let us begin to analyze them right away.

List of Data Analysis Software Free Download

Vital data analysis software

  1. Intrinsic Noise Analyser

The Intrinsic Noise Analyser is designed for learning about the reaction of kinetics in living cells. Also, you can use software for analyzing mathematical models of intracellular reaction kinetics, gene expression, and regulatory networks. Besides, the software provides you a better method for getting needed statistics. Also, it uses system size expansion of the chemical master equation which is an improved systematic approach for analytical approximation. In addition, it is free and open-source and you can get it on this website.

  1. Jasp Stats

data analysis software-jasp

Jasp stats are among the data analysis software in this post and it relies on Bayesian Filtering Library. It is not just an open-source C++ library for repetitive Bayesian estimation, but also part of the orocos project.

Also, this program was created by Klaas Gadeyene but is now being managed by Tinne De Laet. In addition, the software runs on platforms like Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft. Furthermore, some of its features include Kamen filtering, moisture filters, and grid-based systems. Others are particle filters and sequential Monte Carlo methods. Visit the website to get it.

  1. ADaMSoft

adamsoftThis is free and open-source software based on Java. With this software, you can use it to do many analytical techniques like data mining, record linkage. Others include cluster analysis, graphs, logistic and linear regression. Another bonus feature of this software is that it can read and write statistical data values from different sources like Oracle, ODBC data sources, text files, MySQL, excel spreadsheets, and Postgresql. To get it is free. Visit Website.

  1. Mondrian

data analysis software-mondrianMondrian is an ordinary software for statistical data visualization. In addition, the software has instruments for interactive data visualization. Other features include a lot of interactions and queries to the plots in the software that are totally linked. And that is why we have added it as apart of this list of data analysis software.

Furthermore, some of its applied plots include Barcharts, histograms, Mosaic Plot, Boxplots, SPOM maps, and scatterplots. With this software, you can work directly on data in a database. It also provides statistical measures like interactive density estimation, multidimensional scaling, and scatterplot smoothers. Besides, it is free, so get it at the Website.

More Vital data analysis software

  1. Pandas

pandasPandas is a software library written for the Python priming language. You can use the software to manipulate and analyze data. It has data structures and operations that enable you to manipulate the time series and the numerical tables.

Some of its many features consist of the inclusion of a data frame object that can be used for manipulation of data in association with integrated indexing. Also, it has different tools for reading and writing data for its memory structures and for various file formats.

Other features are data alignment and integrated management of missing data, option for reshaping, and pivoting of data sets and hierarchical axis that can at least work from high to low data structure. It is open-source and so, get it at the Website.

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  1. Shogun

shogunThis software was created in C++ language and it is in this list of data analysis software. It is a free and open-source toolbox. Also, it provides algorithms and data structure for machine learning problems. Shogun is licensed under General Public License, GNU.

Its primary area of focus is on kernel machines such as supporting vector machines to classify problems and regression. Besides, the software offers the complete application of Hidden Markov Models.

Furthermore, its interface support c#, Octave, Ruby, R, and Java. One of its main features is that it was designed for bioinformatics applications and can process big datasets that include up to 10 million samples. Get it at the Website.

  1. Dap

This free software is a statistics and graphics program created by Susan Bassein for Unix and Linux systems. It comes with necessary and common data management facilities. You can use the software to carry out Statistical analysis like univariate statistics, correlations, and regression.

Besides, other areas you can use this program include ANOVA, categorical data analysis, logistic regression, and nonparametric analyses. This software has some of the main functions of SAS and you can use it to read and run many SAS program files. Get the download at Dap

  1. Instat Plus

Instat PlusInstat Plus is a statistical computing program developed by the University of Reading, at the statistical service center, in the UK. Don’t confuse this software with Instat from (GraphPad Software.) Also, this software is for data analysis and it is easy and useful in teaching statistical ideas.

Instat plus is an interactive statistics software that runs in the Windows or DOS environment. It will help any researcher in any subject that needs the analysis of data. Instat has many unique facilities for the processing of climatic data. You can download it at Instat Plus.

More vital data analysis software

  1. Regress+

This software is a professional statistical program for carrying out univariate mathematical modeling (equations and distributions). Rgress+ is the most powerful software of its kind existing anywhere. It comes with state-of-the-art functionality and also user-friendly. Furthermore, it has 21 equation and 59 distributions integrated into the software. Moreover, you can download Regress+
and the Compendium of Common Probability Distributions free.

  1. SOFA (Statistics Open For All)

SOFA StatisticsThis Software is a ground-breaking statistics analysis, reporting program. It is a user-friendly open-source software in our list of data analysis software. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. Sofa is easy to use and you can learn how to use it and the output is attractive with good formatting.

If you are a researcher, student or data analyst or just interested in understanding data, this software will give you much ease. You can download the software at SOFA Ubunto Linux version, download SOFA Windows version and download SOFA Mac version. And you can also get SOFA Youtube Videos at Video Tutorials.

Data Analysis Software: Conclusion

In this article, we gave you a list of data analysis software for free download. The software on this list is fully functional and vital for your data analysis. You can use them as a student, researcher, and business organization and they will give you accurate results. Try any today.


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