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DaVinci Resolve Free Download for Windows and Mac

If you are looking for software that can deliver the best film and video editing projects, then look no further. DaVinci Resolve is a color grading application that is used for editing. It uses video editing, color correction, and audio post-production tools to produce wonderful and amazing works. It is mostly used by professionals, and video editors to deliver high-end finished projects. The most amazing thing is that you can download DaVinci Resolve for free.

It does not matter where you want to upload the end-product. Whether it is in the Movie Theater or social media platform like YouTube, DaVinci Resolve will handle it. This post will enlighten you on things you should know about the software. It will also aid you to make informed decisions on whether you should get it or not.

Features of DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve has certain features that let users apply professional touches to their works. Whether free or paid, you will be able to do the basic things needed for film making. The features that make these possible are:

  • 3D tools,
  • Support for 4K,
  • Multi-user collaboration,
  • YRGB 32 bit float image processing,
  • Fairlight audio,
  • Resolve Fx,
  • Color correction tools,
  • Professional editing tools,
  • Media and delivery, and
  • High-performance playback engine.

DaVinci Resolve features

Benefits of downloading DaVinci Resolve for Windows and Mac

If you are familiar with editing, then you will have no problem navigating this software. Even if you download DaVinci Resolve for free, it offers you many capabilities and high-end functionalities. If you are working with a classic VHS video or a 4K camera footage, this software can handle multiple sizes of videos. In addition, it has a multi-cam editor which makes it easier and faster to work with multiple cameras.

DaVinci Resolve has an easy to use and special trimming tool which you cannot find in any other software. You can easily locate this feature and can use it on various clips at the same time. This software gives users a preview of what to expect when you purchase the Resolve pro. You can synchronize multiple clips using sounds, in/out points, or timecodes. This saves time and lets you do real-time editing on the clips.

Another huge benefit is that it offers Multi-user collaboration. It enables teamwork. Multiple people can work together on different aspects of editing to produce a project. Just as one member of the team can be cutting the picture, another can be grading the shots while someone else is mixing the audio. This makes work easier and they can complete their projects in no time. They do not have to wait for one person to finish a task. They can all work together towards achieving the same goal.

Lastly, another functionality that DaVinci Resolve has is the Fairlight audio. It is mostly for professionals because it works for the post-production of quality audios. Users can make use of multiple capabilities. These capabilities are sweetening and mixing, sound effects, sound editing, recording and ADR, and also sound editing. You can mix audios in different formats.

How to download DaVinci Resolve free for Windows and Mac

Now, you can now proceed to download DaVinci Resolve for free without making any payment. However, you won’t be getting a trial as there will be no expiration date for the free version. You will have unlimited access to tools. You will also get access to cool features like a color-grading tool, an audio editing program, and a composting program.

Firstly, to download this software free, navigate to the official website. Scroll down to the middle of the screen and click on the big Download button. A pop-up interface will appear. Choose the appropriate operating system you want to use. The one on the left side is the free version while that on the right is the paid version. Click on either Windows, Mac, or Linux on the left side. This is depending on which operating system you use. After this, the next page will request your complete details. Input every detail correctly and click on the “Register and download”.

When the download is completed, double click to run it. Follow the necessary instructions. You can start using DaVinci Resolve for free.

System Requirements to download DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve free download System compatibilityBelow are the requirements of DaVinci Resolve for Windows or Mac:

  • Windows 8.1, Mac 10.10.5 or higher
  • Minimum RAM of 16 GB
  • 4 GB of GPU
  • Storage space of at least 512 GB

DaVinci Resolve Pricing and Plans

DaVinci offers 2 enterprise plans. They are DaVinci Resolve free and DaVinci Resolve Studio which is $299. The latter is a one-time payment. It offers every feature such as HDR grading, mist effects, film grain, user collaboration, and Neural Engine features. Other features include dozens of ResolveFX, DaVinci stereoscopic 3D tools, FairlightFX, plugins, and lots more.

DaVinci Resolve free download and paid download


Finally, this post explained how you can download DaVinci Resolve for free. You can now unleash your inner creativity.


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