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How to Design Business Card in CorelDraw

Business card is a great tool in the business world. You will agree with me, won’t you? With a well designed business card, easily  can you make your services known to clients in print. A professional business card should contain the name of the company, contact information, services rendered by the company, the holder’s name and position. A business card should be very attractive in order to catch the attention of whoever it is given. Business card comes in various designs but try to display creativity when designing one for yourself. That’s what this tutorial is here to guide you on. Also, Maintaining good colour combination, fantastic layouts and good fonts are features of a professional business card.

Tutorial: How to Design a Business Card

In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to design business card easily in CorelDraw. First, launch your CorelDraw application and create a new blank document. On the property bar, choose ‘business card’ as the size of the page from the drop-down menu. Our business card is going to be in a landscape format therefore, select the landscape option from the property bar and draw a rectangular box using the rectangle tool from the toolbox.

Give the Rectangle box a white colour by clicking the box and selecting white colour from your colour swatch. Duplicate the rectangular box. To do this, simply click the box and press Ctrl + D on your keyboard and click Ok if it prompts you to set the offset. The result will look like this:how to design simple business card in corel draw tutorial

At this point, give the duplicated box any colour of your choice. For me, I’m going to give the shape a red colour. Reduce the size of the duplicate by half of the original box.

Power clipping

how to design simple business card in corel draw tutorial - powerclipping

Now, we’re going to simply insert the duplicated or the second rectangle box into the original copy. To do this, right-click on the duplicated box but don’t release your finger. While still holding it down, drag the box across the original rectangular box and release your finger from the key. Choose power clip from the pop-up menu.

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You have successfully power clip but there is still a need to arrange it. Right click on the box and select ‘Edit Content’ from the pop-up menu. Drag the duplicated box to one side of the original box. When you are through with the arrangement, exit the box by right clicking outside the box and selecting finish editing this content from the pop-up menu. Your result should be similar to this:

how to design simple business card in corel draw - tutorial

Arranging your text

Type the name of the company separately and place it at the right side of the card. Type and place the tagline below the company’s name. Give them any font, size and colour of your choice. Repeat the procedure with the holder’s name. You have successfully made your own business card using CorelDraw.

business card design tutorial

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