7 Best Desktop PDF Editors to Edit Your Documents

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You need to download a good desktop PDF editor to give you a fine, crisp output that can impress your partners or friends. There should not be other options if you want to make beautiful business documents, personal letter or images. Now, you may wonder what “PDF” stands for. It means Portable Document Format. This is a document file format that captures all the elements in a printed document as an electronic image, that you can view, print or scroll.

PDF can give your business or personal documents that professional look it deserves. There are many of them but you need the best PDF editors that are compatible with mobile devices and personal computers. These ones will serve you well.

Desktop PDF editor

Like I said earlier, you use PDF editors for editing, deleting, creating and modifying a document. However, you should note that if you are not the one that created a document, and you do not have the password, you will not be able to edit it.

This post will give you a list of the best PDF editing software that will be compatible with Windows and Mac.

7 Desktop PDF Editor tools you can use.

  1. PDFelement 6 Pro

This is one of the most popular PDF editing tools for desktop computers. It provides you with lots of options to choose from. You can create, edit, convert and sign with it. Some good features include the support for digital signatures, annotations, and comments, watermarks, backgrounds, headers, footers, and templates.

You can get PDFelement 6 pro in two ways – free or paid. You have the free trial which is available for Mac and Windows; free editor app for iOS; free reader and annotator app for Android.

While you have two types of offers for the paid option. The standard option for Mac or Windows goes for $59.95 while the professional for Mac or Windows goes for $99.95. Get yours today.

  1. Adobe Acrobat

Desktop pdf editor - Acrobat Reader

Adobe Acrobat is a good desktop pdf editor you can consider. The professional package is very expensive. It also provides you with lots of options to choose from. You can quickly load and edit your document with images, links, and illustrations.

Adobe Acrobat is compatible with Windows & Mac computers. Some of its features include editing pdf as a professional, tabbed interface, setting industry’s standard, creating and exporting pdf to word, etc.

There are two types of paid options – the Standard license which goes for $299 while the Pro goes for $499. They are costly but if you want the best, go for any of Adobe’s options.

You can visit their website here.

  1. Preview

This is also another desktop pdf editor you should try out today. It has a special feature where all you need to do is to right-click any document to open it in ‘preview default’ mode. It is a smart way to edit a variety of images from many extensions.

Its main features include easy navigation, connotation made easy, use of Mac’s built-in application. It is also great for creating a signature and compatible with Mac only. The pricing is based on a standard Mac OS App.

  1. PDF Expert

PDF expert

PDF Expert is also known as Mac’s portable editing application. It is designed to bring highly improved reading experience coupled with state of the art pdf annotation option to you. Its main features include touch-bar support, highly fashioned application, merge files and split-view mode. The PDF Expert is compatible with Mac and the pricing goes for $59.99.

This is their website:

  1. PDFescapes

This application is a free online pdf editor which you can use to edit, read, fill a form, design and annotate your document. You don’t need software to use this editor because the tools work in a browser.

Some of its features include print to pdf, editing pdf online and downloading them, filling and saving pdf forms, creating basic pdf forms, and annotation and mark up pdf files.

Pdfescapes comes in two options which are free and paid. The paid options are in two types, pdf premium at $2.99/ month billed annually, $5.99/month billed monthly. The second one is the pdf ultimate which cost $5.99/month and billed annually at $8.99/month if billed monthly.

Here is their website:

  1. Foxit Phantom PDF

This pdf editor is suitable for groups of all sizes. The sizes can be small, medium or large enterprises. Its main features include export, scan/OCR, organize, filling forms and signing papers, merging multiple files, compressing file sizes, and impressive user interface.

In addition, it is compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista. The paid options are;  Standard license (One-Time) $129 or $7.99 Monthly, business licensing from $159 or $8.99/per month or education subscription from a $9.95/per year.

This is their website:

  1. PDF Buddy

Desktop PDF Editor - PDF Buddy

Image source: Chrome Webstore.

With PDF Buddy, you can edit document impressively without any hassle. This is why we added it as fine desktop pdf editor on this list. It works online, hence you don’t need to install it. When you use  Pdf Buddy, you have a super way of editing your files without breaking a sweat.

Its main features include 256-Bit Encryption (password), merge & Split PDFs easily, cushy in usage, uses a secure socket layer, and you can work anywhere with it.

It is compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista/ MacOS/ Chromebook. It has two paid options for users. They are standard license (One-Time) $129 or $ 7.99 Monthly, Business licensing from $ 159 or $8.99/per month or Education subscription from a $9.95/per year.

Their website is

What you should look out for in a desktop PDF editor.

  • Create, Convert, and export PDFs: The major function of a pdf editor is to make pdf. They can do so by scratching, scanned hard copies, or by converting a digital document. A good pdf editor must be able to export pdf into other editable formats. These editable formats are Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, HTML, etc.
  • Content editing: Your pdf editor should be able to modify text. When we say modify we mean that it should be able to insert, resize, and move images. A good one will do all that.
  • Review and annotate: A good pdf editor should have tools that can enable you to review it. You should be able to highlight, callout boxes, freehand drawing tools, etc.
  • Security: Your business or personal document contains sensitive data, therefore you need good security. A good pdf editor should have security features like password, access restriction to unauthorized people and content reduction.
  • Mobile support: Your pdf editor should also have mobile access. You should be able to view it on your mobile phone. This helps you in reviewing and editing it faster.


Lastly, we have succeeded in listing 7 desktop pdf editor tools you can use for Windows and Mac PC. These pdf editing softwares contain all you need in a pdf editor. Also, they are equally the best software for editing pdf files. So, dear readers, when people ask you to give them a list of the pdf editors, you now know what to say. You can simply refer them to this article.

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