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Diamond Bank Customer Care (Full Contact Details)

Diamond Bank Customer care service
Written by Chidera

Learn how to contact Diamond Bank customer care by reading this step by step instructions.

Diamond Bank Customer Care

Diamond Customer care.

The Diamond Bank is one of the largest banks in Nigeria. It is one of the banks that has provided great and awesome innovative products and services geared towards improving your banking and ensuring that you get total control of your Diamond Bank account anywhere anytime from the comfort of your home or office.

Diamond Bank has provided internet banking services, mobile app services, banking by mobile phone and so on.

The Diamond Bank Customer care services also called Diamond Care is a new and very interesting package that lets you make inquiries and complaints with a lot of ease without having to visit your Diamond Bank branch office.

Diamond Bank customer care – Features.

  • Deactivate or block lost card
  • Inquire about new products and services
  • Stop cheques
  • and so on

Contacting Diamond Bank customer care via social media

You can send your inquiry through the Diamond Social Media services with so much ease and this service is available 24/7. They include:

Diamond Bank customer care e-mail

The diamond bank also gives you three different mailbox to send all inquiries and complaints. One of them is for Card issues, the other for Complaints and yet another for all other Inquiries. These services are also available 24 hours every day. They include:

  1. For all complaints:
  2. All Inquiries: Send a mail to
  3. For all cards issues: Send a mail to

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Diamond Bank Customer Care phone numbers.

Diamond Bank also makes available phone numbers to which you can call and make all inquiries and complaints at any time in the day. The awesome thing about this service is that you can speak any language you wish to speak (English, Pidgin, Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba). You can either call or send SMS depending on your preference to this number. The phone number to call is 07003000000 (+2347003000000 for customers outside Nigeria).

How to contact Diamond Bank via live chat.

This feature is quite a beautiful one as you get real-time solutions to your complaints and inquiries. Diamond Bank has committed online representatives dedicated to satisfying you. You can access the Diamond Bank online chat service by going here

 Security Tips!

There are important security measures that you are to be aware of to protect your Diamond Bank account. Diamond Bank has created great security measures but this will not be complete without your personal security measures.

They include:

  • Do not send your full creditor debit card number as a text or email or even on Diamond Bank Social media platform
  • When asked for your card number while using the Diamond bank online chat, call only the first 6 digits and the last 4 digits (489340*****1234)
  • Never give away any of your passwords or Pins even when requested; it may be a scam as Diamond Bank will never ask its customers for such details.

Diamond Bank interactive and beautiful Contact services are a good way to get answers and solutions to all your banking inquires. Stay smart as you enjoy every interactive package put in place for your satisfaction

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  • Why is it that you need 300$ to upgrade my account in your bank but it is already successfuly created…for the transfer of fund to my account?

  • I have been trying to call the customer care number from outside Nigeria but it’s saying the number does not exist. Why is it like that pls

  • Am just tired of trying to knw what’s up with my account since I moved to United states and the customer care number is not even connecting from here can u guys do something.

  • Am just trying to confirm my account since I have moved to Libya and the customer care number is not connecting from here why?

  • Gudevening, i did subscription of #1000 from diamond bank about an hour ago, the debited me but didn’t subscribe my phone

  • Diamond please returne my money if you don’t what disgrace
    17th of December I went to paga to withdraw 30,600 and my bank as debit me without collecting any money
    And my mom is in the hospital now that want to use the money to take care. If my mom give up,I will not take it eassy

  • I cannot make transfer from Diamond bank to other banks for past one month now all I keep on seeing is service unavailable try again later what is the meaning of this?

  • Diamond bank please i need an answer assap….i was credited with 5000 naira yesterday dec 28 2018 …and i got to the atm machine… only for me to see 4000 naira please what is happening

  • I am Odom Azubuike Nwodom my diamond bank app stopped working since i lost my phone pls i need help to renew it thanks

  • Sometimes when I buy vtu through my diamond bank account, I got debited without being credited with the said amount. Often times I had repeat the transaction before being credited only’ with the later. Just yesterday same thing and my service provider would tell to visit my bank’s branch office for complaine as it not their fault. This is another way of stealing from my account by bank

  • please I have a problem with the number I used for my BVN the number got lost and a code was sent to it Pls how can I get the code

  • Good day.
    I wish to register my griviences with Diamond bank PLC.
    It was on the 12/01/2019 I went to paga outlets to make withdrawals of the sum of 50,600(Fifty thousand six hundred naira only. After inserting my card and did the transaction,it shows transaction declined from the machine.
    After like two minutes I now got an SMS alert of #50,600.which was promised to be reverse under 24 hrs.
    Furthermore, I have been calling diamond bank customer for the past 2 weeks.I must confessed I am not pleased at all with the answers diamond bank gave to me.
    This is 2 weeks now since I was debited the sum of 50,600.
    Please, I wouldn’t mind if you will use your good office in other to asked them to reimburse me,since that money was meant for my son school fees.
    Diamond bank should reverse back the money to me so that I can pay my son school fees in other for him to go back to school.
    The followings are my account details..
    Name: Akpan Peter Sunday.
    Bank : Diamond bank.
    Bank account number: 0002671337…
    Amount debited fro diamond ATM card is #50,600.
    Date of debiting : 12/01/2019.
    I will be so grateful if this my plea will be treated as soon as possible so that my son can go back to school..
    This money was meant for my son school fees.
    Please, try and help me.
    Thank you.

    Best Regards.

    Akpan Peter Sunday.

  • Do I need to beg before you transfer my money (Diamond bank plc)? I made transfer via POS on the 4 of March and i was told my money will be reverse before 20th march… Pls I have not gotten any alert and i went to one of your branch I was told to wait for another 24 hours, This wickedness and the second time m having this issue with diamond bank, first 2,000 now 7,000.😡😡😡😡

  • Money was transferred in my account since yesterday till date I have not seen it…..why?….my name is Emmanuel ekene Joseph…. My account number is 0066178984

  • Aliexpress why have you refused to deliver my items I paid for since February and now sending cancellation mails after two months? after gettings mails that my items has been shipped and expecting? why is it so difficult to contact you guys and difficult for you to reply emails when it involves already paid un-delivered products by you to your customers?
    Kindly deliver my products please or do a refund ASAP

  • I made a payment to my account yesterday being 4th May 2019, but there are never yet a usual confirmatory alert in my email. The transaction was made through mobile app ( Diamond to Diamond bank) please why the issues in getting alert to my email? I am outside Nigeria, pls sort this issue promptly.
    I am providing my email address down there where in transactions alerts were usually delivered


  • My name is olatunji taiwo, I don’t really know what happened to my account, I was unable to access it including to check account balance, here is the account 0054200905.

  • I try to withdrew 2600 on pos on 14 September 2019 but it show decline they did not pay me but the me was removed in my account 2600 they said that the money will revise back but since then I haven’t see it

  • Since on 14 of September 2019 I went to withdrew money on pos I show decline and the money was removed in my account they did not pay me and the money is not yet revised back 2600 on 14 ,September 2019 account name Anih Emmanuel ,account number 0064845312 please you people should work on it revise it back oo

  • Pls,I lost the number I used to open my account,so I brought new line and I didn’t do welcome back so I went to bank to reactivated it now I only got alert with the new number but I can’t do transfer with this (426 )with the new line and I can’t register my diamond app with it,pls help me I have been sending u people message but no body is responding pls help me

  • Hi Good Morning,

    Can you please provide the email id and phone number of below-mentioned branch
    23401 .


  • I want to know why diamond/access deducted 280 from my account named Samuel Gusha Gwautsa 0000621187 on 28th/02/2020.You had been doing this for long now, have no idea when your bank started stealing from customers. This isn’t a threat but truth, if you do not reverse the money I’ll close the and sue you.

  • As at yesterday I was having 24000 naira in my account just for me to receive an alert on my phone showing I was debited 400 naira please for what? if you can’t keep my money safe for me anymore let me know so I can withdraw all my money cos I can’t be saving my money and while all you do is to debit me without notifying me… please I don’t know how you wanna do make sure you return my money back… mo ti soro Soke

  • Am not enable to access my diamond yellow account, the code is not working *710#; also the access bank code is not also working *901#. Please I need a solution to this.

  • Good Evening,

    I tried to recharge #1500 to my glo line this night around past 9 and it’s been deducted but I didn’t see it.

    Please, help me see to it.


  • I hereby formally request you to look into the matter at the earliest so as to unblock my net banking, I would by highly grateful for your speedy perusal, I would be very much happy to oblige any other formality required by the bank

  • Please can diamond bank kindly work on my BVN cause have been using my BVN with WEMA with know issues I wonder why u haven’t block my BVN since 2017 for a crime I know nothing about .u never bother to invite me in anyway to justify my innocent ,u went unnoticed to temper with my account I will sue you if you don’t unblock my BVN

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