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Diamond Bank Customer Care (Full Contact Details)

Learn how to contact Diamond Bank customer care by reading this step by step instructions.

Diamond Bank Customer Care
Diamond Customer care.

The Diamond Bank is one of the largest banks in Nigeria. It is one of the banks that has provided great and awesome innovative products and services geared towards improving your banking and ensuring that you get total control of your Diamond Bank account anywhere anytime from the comfort of your home or office.

Diamond Bank has provided internet banking services, mobile app services, banking by mobile phone and so on.

The Diamond Bank Customer care services also called Diamond Care is a new and very interesting package that lets you make inquiries and complaints with a lot of ease without having to visit your Diamond Bank branch office.

Diamond Bank customer care – Features.

  • Deactivate or block lost card
  • Inquire about new products and services
  • Stop cheques
  • and so on

Contacting Diamond Bank customer care via social media

You can send your inquiry through the Diamond Social Media services with so much ease and this service is available 24/7. They include:

Diamond Bank customer care e-mail

The diamond bank also gives you three different mailbox to send all inquiries and complaints. One of them is for Card issues, the other for Complaints and yet another for all other Inquiries. These services are also available 24 hours every day. They include:

  1. For all complaints: Complaints@diamondbank.com
  2. All Inquiries: Send a mail to enquiries@diamondbank.com
  3. For all cards issues: Send a mail to Cards@diamondbank.com

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Diamond Bank Customer Care phone numbers.

Diamond Bank also makes available phone numbers to which you can call and make all inquiries and complaints at any time in the day. The awesome thing about this service is that you can speak any language you wish to speak (English, Pidgin, Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba). You can either call or send SMS depending on your preference to this number. The phone number to call is 07003000000 (+2347003000000 for customers outside Nigeria).

How to contact Diamond Bank via live chat.

This feature is quite a beautiful one as you get real-time solutions to your complaints and inquiries. Diamond Bank has committed online representatives dedicated to satisfying you. You can access the Diamond Bank online chat service by going here

 Security Tips!

There are important security measures that you are to be aware of to protect your Diamond Bank account. Diamond Bank has created great security measures but this will not be complete without your personal security measures.

They include:

  • Do not send your full creditor debit card number as a text or email or even on Diamond Bank Social media platform
  • When asked for your card number while using the Diamond bank online chat, call only the first 6 digits and the last 4 digits (489340*****1234)
  • Never give away any of your passwords or Pins even when requested; it may be a scam as Diamond Bank will never ask its customers for such details.

Diamond Bank interactive and beautiful Contact services are a good way to get answers and solutions to all your banking inquires. Stay smart as you enjoy every interactive package put in place for your satisfaction

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