Diamond Bank Transfer Code

How To Transfer Money From Diamond Bank Account To Other Banks

This quick guide contains the Diamond Bank transfer code, Diamond USSD codes and other ways for transfering money from Diamond bank to otherĀ  banks within Nigeria.

Do you own a Diamond bank account? Are you yet to know all the goody packages that come with owning a Diamond bank account? Do you wish to know how to transfer money from your Diamond bank account to other banks? Well, stick around. All this and more will be shown to you. Do read on!!

Diamond Bank Transfer Code

Diamond bank, a prestigious bank is not left out in this new era of mobile and internet banking. Diamond bank has provided its customers with various platforms both via internet and without internet where they can perform all their banking and Financial activities. I will show you the different ways in which you can transfer funds through your Diamond bank account

Using the Diamond Mobile App to transfer funds

You can transfer funds using your Diamond mobile app, all you need do is to follow this easy steps:

How to register for the Diamond mobile app

  • Download the diamond bank mobile app from your apps store
  • Click to open and select register
  • Input your Diamond Debit Card Number and your Diamond bank account number
  • Your User ID and registration code will be sent to your phone as an SMS
  • input the Used Id and the registration code and submit
  • Choose a Password personalize your app

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How to transfer funds using the Diamond Mobile app

  • Open your app and select Login
  • Input your Diamond user ID and password and submit
  • Navigate the menu bar to select accounts and transactions
  • Select transfer Funds and choose the account to transfer funds to (whether a Diamond bank account or other bank accounts
  • Input your 4-digit pin to confirm and authenticate your transaction

Other features you can access on the Diamond Mobile App

  • You can buy airtime and pay bills online
  • Account statement requests
  • Switch on/off your Debit cards and so much more
  • and a lots more

How to use Diamond bank USSD feature to transfer funds to other banks

You can also use the Diamond bank USSD feature to transfer money to your bank and other banks. this service does not require the use of internet, you only require the phone number that is linked to your account. To enjoy this service you have to register first, here below are the steps you take in registering

  • Dial *426# on your mobile phone
  • You will be asked to enter your date of birth, do so and click send
  • Then, enter the last six digits of your ATM Card
  • Enter your Diamond bank account number
  • Create the Pin you wish to use.

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How do you transfer using the Diamond Bank USSD codes

To use the Diamond Bank transfer code (USS) in transferring to either another Diamond bank account or other banks, All you need do is:

  • Dial *426# and select option 2 (transfer)
  • Enter amount andĀ  click send
  • Then, enter recipients account number
  • Lastly, enter recipients bank
  • Your recipients account details(including account name) will be displayed on the screen, Enter send if its all correct
  • Your transaction is all completed, You can also dial *426*00# to check your account balance

Note: you are limited to a daily transaction limit of N20,000 if you are using the Diamond Bank transfer code service.

Other Features of the Diamond bank Transfer code (USSD)

  • Easily Recharge your phone directly from your bank account
  • You can request for new ATM card from these code
  • You can check account balance and account statements
  • And so much more


With these simplified banking methods, you no longer need to visit your bank for most of your transactions, just follow this tutorial diligently and make your life easier. I hope this information is most useful to you. Kindly place a comment below, if you need more help.

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