Differences Between G Suite Basic And Business Plans

The difference between G Suite Basic and G suite business
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Compare G Suite Basic vs Business plan. Ever wondered about the right G-suite for your personal and business needs? Stick around and let us explore this exciting World around G Suite.

G Suite Basic vs Business plan

The G-suite is a set of business apps that are becoming widely accepted for its method of providing efficient solutions to the small businesses as well as the bigger ones. there are two variants of this app, the Basic and the Business. The G-suite basic is simply the free version and the G-suite premium is the paid version.

Benefits of the G-Suite Basic and Business

G-suite proffers a wide range of Google apps that will proffer solutions to different problems such as an interaction between a team, cloud storage and proper organization. Some other important benefits of the G-Suite apps include:

  • Unlimited amount of users
  • All round the clock access to customer support
  • Mobile device management
  • Option to disable ads in the mail app, Gmail
  • Sufficient space for email and image storage per user

G Suite Basic Vs Business Plans – The Differences.

One of the differences between both G Suite apps is that the premium version allows for complete coverage of all apps, unlimited storage., and allows for some administrative functions as well as Auditing features.

Overview of the G-Suite Basic Plan

The G-Suite Basic allows access to a good number of applications and allows for a whole lot of functionality in those areas:

  • It gives an ability to its users to create and share calendars to help proffer efficiency
  • Allows for the use of a custom email address
  • It allows for video conferencing which can be accessed from anywhere and participants can be invited by Admin by using a short link or phone number.
  • Allows for cloud storage
  • It allows for teamwork in preparation of documents, presentation and spreadsheets.’
  •  Gives the admins to control and supervise reports and audits
  • Allows for access to specific services on the Admin console
  • The G Suite basic allows 24/7 customer assistance from their customer support.

Overview of the G-Suite Business

The G-suite Business allows for all functions from the G-Basic with added functionality due to its more efficient features. One of its addition is the Google Vault as well as giving administration security keys. This edition gives access to unlimited cloud storage and therefore there is no use to delete files constantly or worry about space.

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Key Features of the G-Suite Business

  • Mobile Device management/ auditing in the G-Suite Business

This feature allows administrators to use other operating software such as IOS and Android to view and track events. Only users with the G Suite business license can access the audit processes.

The Audit logs allow for set up with the mobile device management and therefore proper monitoring of all events can be accessed so that all fraudulent activities may be detected at every interval.

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  • Google Vault

Google Vault allows for many e-discovery services. It makes sure that its users are given a convenient approach to accessing the web. some of the benefits of this service include:

  1. Auditing reports:  this allows you to view all user activity
  2. Email and chat search: allows easy access to previous chats, video conferencing history, and emails
  3. Legal holds: Allows access to all user emails, so one can detect and ensure that everything is legally handled.
  4. Export: Allows users to export chats, drive files and emails to be used for all other purposes.
  5. Chat and email Archiving: this application also allows the feature of setting Archiving rules, so that not all files will be deleted. That is you can set rules that will delete only some files and retain relevant ones.

Advanced Reporting and Auditing for Enterprises File sync and share solutions.

The Drive audit log allows easy monitoring of user activity including, what was downloaded, previews, what was deleted, views, shares files including which one of the users made such activities, bearing the IP address and ID of the User.

You can also use the filters so you can narrow views on specific user activity, or on access to some sensitive files.

  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

The G-suit Business allows for scanning of all emails in and out of the system so that no data is lost. it also allows keeping track of the movement of sensitive information out of the system so such movements could be rejected or you can alter the outgoing information or quarantine the information.

Every message in and out of the system are thoroughly evaluated. Depending on preference, there are varying methods that exist to do all of this purposes and this depends on your business requirements. The Choice of the G Suite business edition is thus made on the basis of this parameters.

Summary of added Administrative Features of G-Suite Business

The Admin has  access to more and much more functions such as:

  • Ability to receive customized alerts on Drive activity
  • Capacity to assign roles and control access to certain files
  • Ability to enable offline access to Doc editors.
  • Can monitor and control the access to sensitive information
  • Ability to monitor and manage security keys

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Although both G-Suite editions are similar, the differences are shown in the added features of the Business edition. The Business edition subdivided into more added features into the different levels.

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