Does Spotify have Discounts for Students?


One of the best and most popular streaming services is Spotify. It is a powerful that is used to listen to music. To use their services, you need to sign up for a Spotify premium account. You have to pay a sum of $9.99 monthly for complete access of the app. Spotify will let you download songs to listen online and also access multiple service. If you are a student and wondering whether Spotify has any discount plan for you or not, this post is for you.

Eligibility for Spotify Students Discounts?

Spotify has certain requirements that needs to be met to get access to their student discount. The first is that you need to be a member of a US Title IV accredited institution and you must be 18 years or more. Whether you attend a university or community college, it does not matter as long as it is accredited. If you do not know whether your school will qualify for the discount, you can check using the federal student Aid website.

If you have a prior Spotify account before learning about the student discount, it is totally possible to still apply for it. Once you have been verified, the discount price will reflect the next time you want to renew your subscription.

What do you get with Spotify Student Discount

When you get a Spotify student discount, you can access to every feature a paid member gets even though you will be paying half the price. You get complete access to the app millions of songs without any ad interruption. Furthermore, you can also download songs and listen offline.

For just $4.99 every month, you can also enjoy HULU and SHOWTIME. The students discount help you save about $21.98 every month with the services you enjoy.

Verification of Students Enrolment

To verify whether you qualify for this students discount or not, Spotify uses SheerID to confirm your enrolment. Many platforms that offer student discount like YouTube, Amazon, Nike, and many more also make use of SheerID.

SheerID is a platform that lets you upload documentation that proves you are truly a student of the school you said you are. You will have to upload a scanned copy of your Student ID, or your official enrolment letter. Once you are able to do this, you will be able to access the discount for students on Spotify.

How to sign up for Spotify Students Discounts

If you want to sign up and access the discount, you must first log into Spotify website through the student section. Once there, input your name, college, and date of birth. Ensure all information you provide is correct. SheerID will check using enrollment that are currently active in the school.  If the automatic verification does not work, you will have to upload documents manually.

Once you have submitted all that is requested, you can then have access to the student discount. However, this discount lasts for four years with a yearly renewal. This means, 12 months after you sign up, you will have to provide documents to prove you are still a member of the school to have continuous access to the discount. You need to be renewing it for four year until it finally expires.

Once your discount period is over, you will have to start paying the amount of premium users. During this discount period, you get to enjoy all premium services at half payment. Spotify offers you ad free contents, higher quality audio, and offline listening.

What happens after Graduation?

As said earlier in this post, the Spotify discount for student can only last as long as you are a student of the school. If you graduate or leave the school for whatever reason, you will be unable to enjoy the student discount. This is the main reason why Spotify enforces the yearly eligibility verification. If you do not graduate or leave but four year passes by, the discount will automatically be over.  For your yearly verification, you will need to provide your registration receipt, current ID, class schedule, or any important document.

If you are unable to re-verify, you have no choice than to forfeit the discount. This means pay the full price or opt out of Spotify subscription.


In summary, Spotify does offer discount for student at half price. This discounts lasts for four years with a yearly renewal. As long as you can proof your eligibility, you will be able to access student discount and start streaming music at half the price.

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