Does YouTube have Discounts for Students?

The best thing when using YouTube is enjoying its services without having to watch adverts. However, this does not come free. The YouTube Premium subscription is about $11.99 or £11.99every month. If you are a student, you are probably thinking this is too expensive. The best news is that if you are in an higher institution, you are qualified for the student plan which is $6.99/£6.99 every month.

Eligibility for YouTube Student Membership

Any student that is attending a higher institution in the United States or 60 other countries is eligible to sign up for the YouTube premium student discount.  Once you have sign up fro the student membership discount, you need to be renewing it every year for the next four years. The discount for the Student premium account will only last for four years.

After signing up, student will get a free trial for one month before they are expected to pay their discounted price for the premium subscription. YouTube subscription is $11.99/ £11.99 every month while the student discount is offered at $$6.99/£6.99. Any student using the premium at these discount process will have access to ad-free version of YouTube and ability to download music and movies to watch offline.

Does YouTube have Discounts for Students?

The answer to this question is YES. YouTube does offer a discount for students from eligible universities. The eligibility verification is done by SheerID and if your institution is on their list, you will be able to access the premium student discount. You will have to provide documentation which proves you are truly a student of that school. You will need to provide an email address from your school, a scanned copy of your identification and also your enrolment letter.

As long as you can submit all that is requested from you and your school is eligible, you will be able to access the student discount for YouTube. You can proceed to pay half monthly subscription and enjoy every benefit that a non-discounted member will enjoy. You will have full access to YouTube, Music premium, ad-free music, videos, and downloads for offline use. Furthermore, you will also be able to play YouTube videos in the background when using other applications on your device.

How to Get YouTube Premium Discounts for Students

To confirm whether your institution is eligible for the student discount or not, you need to check the student membership landing page. You can check either for YouTube Premium or YouTube Music Premium.

Once you are on the landing page, click on the TRY IT FREE button. You will be redirected to SheerID for full verification. Click on continue.

The next page will require you to fill in your country, university, full name, email address, and date of birth. Make sure you fill in the correct information. Once you have done that, check the box to complete verification.

Now, click next.

SheerID might still ask for more information to prove your eligibility status. You might need to scan your Student ID, transcript or other important documentation to prove you are truly a member of that school. You need to upload these files and then submit.

If you live within the United States, you will receive an email within 20 minutes to confirm your status. However, if you live outside US, you will have to wait for 48 hours.

SheerID will direct you back to YouTube sign up page if your verification is successful. Now, you will have to log into your account. Click on your profile picture and then click on Paid memberships. Follow whatever instruction that follows.

Now, click on Learn More and then choose any payment method of your choice. Click on the START 1-MONTH TRIAL button and begin to enjoy your free period which will last for thirty days. Once it elapses, YouTube will start removing their monthly amount.


In summary, YouTube offers discount to students who are from eligible school. Students membership discount is half the price of the normal payment. The discount for YouTube student membership lasts for four years and after that you will have to start paying the full price. It does not matter whether you are still attending the school or you have graduated. You have to keep renewing your membership status every year.

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