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Adobe after effects free trial
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The Adobe After Effects free trial version lets you evaluate the software for free before you buy or subscribe. Adobe After Effects

For you to be able to download the trial version of Adobe After Effects for Windows or Mac successfully, you must have the administrative privileges for the user account you are using in your computer. This applies to both Windows and Mac operating systems. Also, you should have the latest version of the operating system you are using. In addition to this, if you wish to download the non-creative cloud version, then you should register on system and get your valid Adobe ID.

The free trial version of Adobe After Effects is available in the Adobe Creative Cloud. The trial creative cloud membership allows projects to be shared on the cloud.


Adobe After Effects free trial version limitations.

The After Effects free trial version can only be used on Desktop. For now, it can not be used on mobile phones and other Mobile devices. The user can choose to convert it from a trial version to a full paid version. This will come with a discount of 60%. The conversion will allow you to join the paid creative cloud membership. You can do the upgrading to fully paid version during the trial period.

To be able to download, you must register a Creative Cloud account. Ensure that you disable popup blockers in your browser and turn off all firewalls or third-party security software.

Note that you can only download the latest version of the software. The free trial version is not available for old versions. Also, it can only be used on the desktop. Downloading of the Adobe After Effects free trial is not allowed for phones and other mobile devices.

The Trial Period.

The After Effects trial period lasts for just 7 days. If you wish to still continue with the trial period, then don’t even think of contacting their support team. They would never assist you in extending the timeframe; even if the trial period ended prematurely.

The Adobe After Effects free trial period might end prematurely due to changes in the system. Some computer system settings such as date, time if wrongly configured can cause premature trial period ending.

Now, let’s zoom straight to the downloading steps.

Steps on how to download Adobe After Effects free trial version.

  1. Enter the Creative Cloud Apps Catalog (

download after effects free trial

  1. Browse the site’s window and when you find Adobe After Effects, Click “download trial” to kickstart the downloading process. The downloading process will start instantly.

Adobe after effects free trial

  1. After completion of the downloading, go ahead and install the software. Normally, the software would start automatically after the installation.

Your trial period starts the moment you finish installing the software. It does not matter whether you have started using it or not.

Note: If your system does not meet the minimum software requirements, you will not be allowed to download the software. You will get a message as shown below.

Adobe after effects requirements

Get into work! You can now use your Adobe After Effects to mesmerize viewers with thrilling and mind-blowing video effects. All the features are available in the free trial version.

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Do your best to explore the Adobe After Effects free trial within the evaluation period or timeframe to get the best out of it. It is that simple to start using this Adobe masterpiece for free.

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