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Download Libreoffice for Windows and Mac for free

If you are looking for a free suite program for word processing and data document, then you should download LibreOffice. It is an open-source application which has a total of 6 applications. Its interface and standard tools make it one of the most sought after office suite programs. It is reportedly being used by millions of people.

With LibreOffice, you can enhance your productivity as well as explore your creativity. It is compatible with many document formats like MS Excel, Word, Publisher, and PowerPoint. It is always necessary to know whether an open-source will do the work it is meant for given that there are so many available in the market at the moment. If you want to be familiar with LibreOffice, then read on.

Productivity Tools Available on Libreoffice

When you download LibreOffice, you have access to 6 different applications. They are free and are available for use as many times as possible. These tools are:

  1. Calc, which is for spreadsheets
  2. Writer, a  processing tool
  3. Impress, for presentations
  4. Base, used mainly for databases
  5. Draw, for flowcharts and vector graphics, and
  6. Math, which is useful for editing formulas.

In addition, you can also export documents either to PDF which is Adobe’s extension, or to Open Document Format (ODF) which is Libre own file extension.

Features of LibreOffice

There are many features you get to enjoy when you download LibreOffice for free. Some of these are:

  • Editing and Accessing documents of all kinds
  • Spreadsheet Program that is easy to learn
  • The OpenDocument format
  • Several sketches and graphics
  • Equation and formula editor
  • Templates presentation
  • Slide Show mode
  • Collaboration with other users
  • Very rich contents
  • Manage your databases
  • Several Templates and Extensions

What are some of the benefits you get when you download LibreOffice?

One of the top benefits of LibreOffice is that you can download it and use all its tools without paying. Unlike other applications, it offers the best functionality to its users without paying. Libreoffice is also very easy to use. Even if you are not familiar with using any processing document, you won’t have any problem finding your way and exploring your creativity.

Secondly, you can always count on this software to help with simple or complex documents. With LibreOffice, you can perform simple tasks like creating a quick memo or tougher ones like writing a book. You can create and also edit documents. This you can do without any challenge. More so, you can customize your documents and spot typographical errors immediately using the AutoCorrect feature. The DBMS in Libreoffice is very powerful and flexible and can be used for database engines like MY SQL, MS Access, Adabas D, and PostgreSQL.

With LibreOffice, you can create eye-catching and attractive presentations. There are many tools that you can use to create presentations while also incorporating images, 2D objects, and 3D scenes. When creating your presentations, you will also have the full control of sequences and appearances of slides. You can also add graphics, diagrams, and so on to your documents with its drawing program. It makes it easy to produce posters, brochures, and drawings. When you download LibreOffice, you can create picture albums and convert the photos to different formats.

Finally, there are lots of extensions which are available in the LibreOffice Extension Center. It also has many built-in templates which makes it possible to automatically perform certain tasks involving creating documents.

System Requirements to Download Libreoffice

Since there are no payment plans for LibreOffice, you can download it on the following OS: Windows 86, MacOS86, and Linux x86.

The hardware and software requirements are as follows:


To download LibreOffice on Windows and use it without any difficulty, you need Windows 7 SPI, 8, or 10. It is recommended that your computer has 512 MB RAM and a hard disk of 1.5GB. Screen resolution of at least 1024 X 768 with 256 colors. Your PC must be compatible with Pentium, Pentium III, Athlon, or any recent systems.


If you are using a MAC computer, then it needs to have at least 512 MegaByte of  RAM with 800 MB of hard disk space. Also, it needs the same resolution as Windows or even higher. It should also have an Intel processor.

Before you download LibreOffice, install, or remove, it is advisable to back up your system and data.

Steps to Download LibreOffice for Windows or Mac OS

To start using this software for free on either of the operating systems above, follow the instructions. First, visit the official page which is, then hover your mouse icon and click on the large “DOWNLOAD NOW” button in the middle of the screen.

The next screen will appear and you can see the download link there. Before you begin to install on your system, make sure you use the dropdown icon to click on your operating system. You can click on Windows, MAC, or Linux with either 64, or 32 bit.

After choosing your OS, click on Download. Once it starts, wait a while for it to finish. After it completes, double click on the file and give admin authorization. Once you have done this successfully, your installation will begin. LibreOffice will automatically open and you can now start exploring.


If you are reading this, you should be able to download LibreOffice without any difficulties. It is one of the widely used open-source software with full functionalities. I see no reason why you have to pay for other applications when you can get this without making any payment.


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