Microsoft Excel Free Trial Download

Microsoft Excel free trial
Written by Abe Cherian

The Excel free trial is available for Mac and Windows OS. Downloading the free trial version of Microsoft Excel is not difficult. Read carefully to learn how it works.

Microsoft Excel free trial

Microsoft Excel is no doubt the most popular spreadsheet software in the world for decades. Thousands of organisations and individuals have used the Excel software for data analysis and database statistics analysis.

It is now a regular program that is taught in many schools. Microsoft Corporation, in its dynamic way, has ensured that Microsoft Excel maintains its innovative and standard. This has kept the software at the top for so many years.

Microsoft Excel is part of the Microsoft Office. In fact, one of the core constituents. It is included in all the Windows packages.

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Downloading Microsoft Excel free trial.

To get the complete Microsoft office is quite expensive for many users. It is sold for about $150. Hence. Many people are always on the lookout for ways to download the Microsoft Excel for free.

Excel free trial

Don’t be perturbed, you can get Microsoft excel and enjoy iconic cell-by-cell layout leads the way for data recording free. You can analyse your statistical data in a spreadsheet without extra cost. The free version cannot be used as a stand-alone software. Rather you can download the Microsoft Office pack free trial version of which Microsoft excel is a primary constituent.

This is the good news. Physics, mathematics, engineering, accounting and economics students and professionals can now have the access to use the graphing functions and quick equation calculations of Microsoft Excel free of charge to save time.

The trial version lasts for 30 days. This is a one-month free service given to users to test run and get used to the Microsoft Office system. This might not be too beneficial for you if you wish to use the software for a long time.

Note: Another disadvantage of using the MS Office free trial version is that they require your credit card details before you are allowed to download.

That means, they will start billing you immediately the trial period ends.

But you should be watchful by cancelling the registration to free trial if you are not ready to be billed. You can do this few days before the 30 days.

The free trial version will allow usage across all your devices. It can be used in desktop and all mobile devices. All the advanced mobile features are available. In case of any question or support, you can get in contact with Microsoft tech support staff who will assist you as long as the trial period is not over.

Mac users are not an exception. The trial version can be used perfectly on Mac with all the functionalities intact.

Steps to download.

Microsoft systems have made the downloading to be of less stress.

Download Excel trial version

  • All you have to do is to simply enter the Microsoft office product website here.
  • There you will find the button “TRY 1-MONTH FREE“. Click on it.
  • Sign in to your Microsoft account
  • Enter your payment details,
  • Review your details and click “confirm” to confirm the downloading.

That is all there is about downloading of the free trial version of Microsoft Excel. After installation, you can then navigate through your computer to open the software.

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Don’t forget that the billing is automatic. Ensure that you fund your credit card if you wish to pay for the package after the Excel 30-days free trial period.

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