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Nedbank Money App Download for Android And iPhone

Written by Chidera

Do you wish to learn more about Nedbank? This article will explain in comprehensive details how you can apply and download Nedbank Money app to avail yourself of better banking opportunities.

The Nedbank platform proffers innovative banking in a whole new and different manner. With Nedbank, you can do your banking via online channels not minding the level or height of transactions.

download Nedbank Money app

The Nedbank platform offers you access to financial products including Internet Banking, Mobile app banking, Nedbank App Suite, SMS banking and many other financial tools all in the comfort of your home. If you wish to begin using the Nedbank money app, we will cover all of the processes you will require to use this financial platform.

Benefits of using the Nedbank  money app

new Nedbank money app

With the new Nedbank money app, you can quickly manage accounts, make payments for shopping and bills across the web. It can also give you access to change your credit or debit card settings from your smart device. You can equally send money to people via your contact list. This is regardless of if the recipient is a Nedbank customer.

To send funds, simply select the “Pay” option on your Nedbank Mobile money app. Tap the recipient’s number from your contact list and only in seconds, your recipient will get access to the funds.


When received, the recipient will be notified of this with an SMS containing an authorization code. This will be used to withdraw the money from the ATM or branch.

In addition, Nedbank money app also features a lovely interface that lets you monitor spending, debit orders, and transactions across the linked accounts and cards. Therefore, you can receive a nice little infographic view of your accounts in one place.

Other activities via Nedbank Money application include beneficiary payments, card cancellations and debit orders.

Download Nedbank Money app for Android & iPhone

Nedbank money app dashboard

Using the Nedbank app is so easy and  to use, all you need is to download the application first. The Nedbank Money app is available for Android and iOS devices. After this you will be required to register for either the online banking or credit card details to activate the Touch ID or PIN logins. Once done done, with this online, you can now proceed to launch the app and activate it for your use.


Activating the Nedbank Money app

Nedbank money app

To get on with activating your Nedbank Money app for Android or iPhone device, simply follow the instructions below:
  1. Launch the nedbankMoney app
  2. Using your nedbank internet login details, such as your Profile Number, PIN and Password. Log into the app
  3. Click to accept the “Approve-It” message which will be sent to the number registered to your nedbank internet banking details.
  4. If you did not receive  “Approve-It: message on your cellphone, then log on to your internet banking, navigate to the  admin. select Nedbank App Suite and lastly click  Activate Banking. Next click to accept the model of the phone you are trying to activate.
  5. Exit the page and you will see a new  called banking
  6. You can now log in using the PIN used in securing your nedbank app suite in your internet banking platform.

Using the Nedbank Money app is a worthwhile experience. Do you require more help on using this service, please place a comment below, let’s discuss it.

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  • Im am sk disappointed at Nedbank that i could not get assistance inside the branch ,told the teller that i needed to transfer huge amount of money to another bank account ,she linked my acc.with that another banks account n tkld me to transfer the money via the app ,i told her that ive tried several times to download the money app but my phone does not allow that ,she told me to try to use the *120*001# tried that n failed and waisted a lot of airtime .So my quiry is what are the branches for if we cannot get help that we need?

  • I need to downlod money app rite here rite now.and now the fon is golozeling me i dont knw wat the fuck am i supose to it my fone or the bank that is fucking wit my life demad

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