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How to Download Unfollowers For Instagram App – Step by Step Guide

To track Unfollowers on Instagram manually is a huge task for a person with a lot of idle time. Also, it is not only difficult but it will take a huge toll on you. What you have to do is to make sure the process is done automatically. As you know Unfollow on Instagram is a sign of rejection and a thumbs down for your posts, activities or brand. No wonder Instagram Internet markers take it seriously. Moreover, people you follow should also follow you back to reciprocate the gesture. So, when they fail to do so then you must find out why they are rejecting your brand. Luckily in this post, we will review the unfollowers for Instagram app to solve the problem at once. unfollowers for Instagram app

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How to Download Unfollowers For Instagram App – Step by Step Guide

About this Application

Like we said earlier tracking Unfollowers on Instagram manually is a tall order. You must urgently change to an automated system to track Unfollowers. Subsequently, we recommend that you use an unfollower tracker application called Followers Tracker Pro. developed by 2 Creative Monsters LLC which will help you to track unfollowers on your Instagram page.

Also, this unfollowers for Instagram app has the capacity to track 50,000 followers effectively. Furthermore, this app is available on iOS platform for download with its current Version 9.82. Furthermore, it is rated 4.6 out of 5 by many users.

However, the best news is that it is free to use though you can go for the premium package at $2.99 and All packs at $8.99. Furthermore, it is lightweight. It is a mere 60.1 megabyte and easy to download on your iOS devices.

Other functionalities and benefits of unfollowers for Instagram app

Other functionalities and benefits of the app include:

  • showing you insights on your followers
  • The app will find who are the best and worst followers you have
  • In addition, it tracks up to 3 accounts in one app.
  • Similarly, you will be able to pick your top followers out of the lot
  • The unfollowers for Instagram app will help you to understand your followers better
  • Furthermore, it will measure the average likes you have on each photo
  • It will also measure how popular you are and many other statistics
  • Similarly, it will help you locate those Unfollowers and show you the list of new followers
  • This app will help you to track those you follow that did not follow you back
  • Finally, you will also see those who followed you and you forget to follow them back


unfollowers for Instagram app-app review

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The Step by Step Guide to download Unfollowers for Instagram app

Follow this guide to download the Followers Tracker Pro.

Step 1: Got to the app store and Download Followers Tracker Pro.

Step 2: Next, attach or link the downloaded Followers Tracker Pro to your Instagram account

That is all you need to do. From the time you link your Instagram account to the Followers Tracker Pro, it will begin to count your Unfollowers. In addition, unfollowers for Instagram app, will also count those following you.


Who unfollowed me Instagram? is a regular question many Internet marketers ask. Today, you have the solution to that problem in this article. Get the unfollowers for Instagram app and enjoy all the cool features we listed here. However, you should note that this app does not reveal the people that unfollowed you in the past before you started using it. Also, you are free to use the application to unfollow individuals that had unfollowed you without fear.

Get the app now and share your experience with us here.


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