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How to fix Duolingo Sign in Issue

Learning a new language is tricky. However, getting the right platform can be very challenging. Duolingo is one of the world’s best language-learning and education websites. According to reports, they have more than 300 million subscribers. In addition to that, it has been proven by science to be very effective as it was designed like a game. The one problem that subscribers have consistently complained about is that Duolingo sign in gives them a tough time.

One thing about Duolingo is that you can access the mobile app or website without any charges. Their mission is to make education free and accessible to everybody. They offer a total of 94 language courses to people. In addition to that, the company had a language certification program called Duolingo English Test that is recognized by more than 200 colleges. They have multiple investors and has raised venture capital of more than $108 million. Whatever problem you might have encountered while using this platform will be tackled in this post.

Why Do I Need a Language Learning Platform

Knowing how to speak more than one language puts one at an advantage in the global marketplace. If the English language is your first language, then there is every chance that you are likely to be monolingual. Countries with other first languages are more likely to be bilingual than in English speaking countries.

If you can learn and fluently speak more than a language, then you are already ahead of some of your peers in the market place. You are very likely to get a job faster. Learning new languages needs time, dedication, and a very good platform. Duolingo App offers to make your learning experience exciting and fun. Judging from all the reviews online, it is the best application to learn how to speak as many languages as you want.

You do not have to purchase various books or learn courses to master a language. Now you can sit in the comfort of your home and start your learning process with a device that is connected to the internet. And the most important benefit is that you can do this for free!

Duolingo Sign In

To sign in to Duolingo, you will need to create an account using a Google or Facebook account.

  1. If you want to create a new account from a web browser, go to (duolingo.com) and then press the “Get Started” button. Follow the necessary instructions so that you can begin. However, if you are using a mobile device (Android/ iOS), download the application and open it. After that, you can create a new one. In addition, you will also have to build your profile with an email and a username, select a daily goal, and take a basic test.
  2. Even though the step above is important, you do not have to go through that if you have an existing account. Just go to the website and log in with your email and password.
  3. Duolingo sign in is very easy even for newbies. All you need to do is after navigating to the site (duolingo.com) is to click on the button with the text “I already have an account”. Enter your email or username and the correct password. Your profile page will open to you. You can do this either on a browser or a phone. You have successfully signed into Duolingo.

Duolingo Sign In Problems

So, you have already created an account but you are having problems with the Duolingo sign in. It is good to know that you are not alone there are so many users like you who are encountering the same problem. As long as you have an existing profile with them, then signing in should be an easy feat.

Whether you are using a web browser or a mobile phone, do the following: After you have navigated to the app/ site (duolingo.com), click on the three dots located at the upper right corner of your screen and click on the I already have an account button. Then press the Sign in button on the next page. Now sign in with the correct details you used when signing up.

Well, your sign in problems should be over now.

How to Use Duolingo

Duolingo application is very flexible which makes it highly compatible with most devices. You can get the application on the store of your iPhone, Windows phone, and Android. However, the app will not work on a Linux device or a blackberry. Not to worry, you can get through using your computer. Just download the app and attempt the Duolingo Sign in.

Pricing and Plans of Duolingo

You do not have to pay a dime for this app as it is free forever. However, if you want to get rid of the ads, then you might have to consider becoming a premium member. You will have to subscribe to the Duolingo plus which costs about $9.99 every month. You can get rid of the constant annoying ads and download lessons so that you can study when you are offline. Also, you get a free “streak repair” every month. This means that if you do not sign in and practice for a day, nothing will happen to your stats.

It is a fair and considerable price to pay for your education.


Lastly, I am certain that reading through this has enlightened you on any problem you might have with Duolingo sign in. Furthermore, you are also enlightened on details about the learning platform. You can now start using the game-like interface, earning points, getting tips on how to better yourself, and tracking your progress.

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