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How does TinyCards on Duolingo work?  

If you are in search of an application to help you study and memorize, then this is the right place for you. Duolingo is an online application that is useful in learning multiple languages. According to reports, the application is used by more than 250 million people worldwide. They teach courses in more than 30 languages and is one of the most downloaded applications on mobile devices. Duolingo TinyCards was created by this company as a study companion application to assist in studying. You can access it on web browsers or via mobile devices.

TinyCards helps to study by using quizzes and digital flashcards. It can help you to study different topics including the languages you learned on Duolingo. In addition to that, it is very possible to create your own flashcard or any materials that were uploaded by other people. It is a free learning app that is available to everybody. Continue reading to learn the benefits and how to use TinyCards.

Why do I need assistance with studying?

According to this report, millions of people use flashcards daily to help in memorizing things. What TinyCards provide is to make it fun and exciting. You enjoy unlocking new levels and preserving your memory strength bar. You can focus and stay on the task you are performing.

Moreso, every student wants all the help they can get to make it easier and less demanding for them when studying. This is what Duolingo TinyCards is providing. In addition to that, it is also good for students with learning disabilities. They will be able to study without any distractions and process written information.

You can choose from thousands of educational topics to study and then create your very own which users can access. The best part about this app is that it is completely free. There are no premium accounts or features you need to unlock by playing. You get flashcard decks from Duolingo and then use it. To study, it involves drilling through the use of flashcards by answering questions and simple quizzes.

How to use Duolingo TinyCards

Using this application is not very difficult. The first and most important thing to do is to navigate to their website, tinycards.com to create an account. The interface will pop up to you and on the top menu bar, you should see 2 options. The first is “Sign in with Duolingo” and the second is “Sign Up”. If you have an account already with Duolingo, click on the former but if you do not, then the latter.

Duolingo TinyCards Create Account Interface
Duolingo TinyCards Interface

If you are creating an account, use your email to sign up and then choose one out of the categories present there you might need help from. Some of the general subjects there are math, science, foreign languages, history, and lots more. Once you are in, the site will take you to different topics that have been featured on the favorite decks worldwide. However, you can decide to stick to the topics related to your own topics by clicking on the “Your Stream” option located on the right-hand side. You will find TinyCards that are related to your topics.

How Duolingo TinyCards work

If you are learning a foreign language on TinyCards, it works by showing you flashcards at first: new words will be on one side while the translation will be on the other. You will then be asked to recall the information by doing one of the following: writing the English translation of the word or the word itself or by giving you multiple choices and requesting you to pick one.

Furthermore, if you get a card wrong, you will still meet that card again until you get it right. It might even give you hints to assist in your answers. Since there are no visuals or images to assist you, some users have reviewed the experience as less exciting. Learning using TinyCards can be a little limiting as you only get to learn a few new words at a time. Even if you want to increase them, you cannot. It is helpful in retaining memory but it might be too slow for other users.


Finally, that is all there is to know for now about Duolingo TinyCards. You can take your learning experience to a new level totally.


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