10 Best Earphone Volume Booster Apps for Android And iPhone

best ear phone volume booster app

If you’re that Android or iPhone User, here is how to get a perfect volume sound on your earphone. There are plenty of tools that can help you enhance the volume sound and quality of your earphone as you use it on your smartphone device. Those tools are earphone volume boosters apps. These are apps that help increase the inbuilt audio function of your earphone, smartphones and tablets. These earphone volume booster apps are perfect for watching movies and listening to songs. I am pleased to introduce to you, the top 10 best earphone volume booster apps for Android and iOS.

10 Best Earphone Volume Booster Apps for Android & iPhone.

  • Bass Boost

Bass Boost

Bass Boost is among the best earphone volume booster app for iPhone. With this volume booster, you can adjust the volume level of your earphone to specific frequency whether a high or low frequency until you get that clean bass which you want. Bass boost also gives the iPhone user full control of the bass. Download bass boost Here

  • Kaiser Tone Auto Player + HiRes

Kaiser Tone Auto Player

This earphone volume booster contains about 64,000 bands to deliver the highest and best quality audio possible. Kaiser tone also provides equalizers, crossfaders, perfect virtual environment, silence detection, dynamic limiter and noise reducer that lets you listen to your favourite audio files in your favourite quality. This app is available to iPhone users and it is best used with headphones, speakers, Bluetooth and dock. Try this app now Click Here

  • Super Loud Volume Booster, Speaker Booster 2019

super loud volume booster

A great earphone volume booster app like this is a perfect volume booster for headphones, as it can increase the sound of any multimedia program as loud as possible. This volume booster app enhances the sound with equalizer effects, bass boosts and other sound effects. It supports all devices. Download this app now to enjoy your favourite audio sound quality. Click Here

  • Volume Control – Volume Booster and Music Equalizer

Volume Control – Volume Booster and Music Equalizer

Volume control is one of the top earphone volume boosters for android. It is the best bass equalizer and earphone volume booster. Volume control is the perfect volume booster for earphones and speakers as it plays your favourite audio files with sound and visualizes effects. You can increase sound volume with a single click and maximize audio and ringtones to sound louder and better. It supports all Android devices. Get this audio app now. Download Here

  • Super Volume Booster – Bass Booster for Android 2019.

Super Volume Booster

If you are looking for a perfect volume control app for Android, a great earphone volume booster app to recommend is Super Volume Booster App. It is easy to use and works best with earphones. Super volume booster comes with in-built music and mp3 player. With additional features like equalizer and colour visualize effects that function as volume enhancers for both phone speaker and headphones. This app supports all Android devices and is free of charge. Download it Here.

  • Equalizer Pro Volume Booster

Equalizer Pro Volume Booster

This is a good volume booster app for iPhone users. It is notably one of the loudest and amazing sound systems available to iOS devices. Equalizer Pro Volume booster is a paid earphone volume booster app. The app is sold for as little as $3.99, with cool features like Advanced visualizer, Smart playlist editor, intuitive car mode. This volume booster app gives you the best out of sound with it awesome handmade effects, bass booster, treble booster and vocal boosters respectively. To Get Equalizer pro Volume Booster,  Download on Itunes.

  • Super High Volume Booster (Super Loud)

Super High Volume Booster

Super High Volume Booster provides you with that ultimate sound booster experience via its in-built equalizers and volume boost for earphone and speakers. This earphone volume booster app has 5 bands that allow you to edit and adjust sound volume, increase media, alarm volume and notification beeps. It has 9 preset effects and also plays music with equalizer and visualizer effects. Try this app Now. Download here on PlayStore.

  • Volume Booster Pro

Volume Booster Pro

This volume booster app for Android is an ultimate volume controller app. With this app, you can increase all sound stream volume; it also has a way to silent your phone during meetings and can restore your volume settings to default anytime you wish. Its cool interface and realistic graphics make it an amazing app for Android users. Download volume booster Pro here on PlayStore.

  • Volume Booster Goodev

Volume Booster

This Volume Booster app is easy to use and will enhance your earphone or speaker volume to a much higher level. The app is simple, small and free of charge. It is advisable that when you are using apps of this kind that you keep the volume as low as possible to avoid damage to both individual and device. Here is the download link.

  • Super loud Volume booster 2019

Super loud Volume booster

The last earphone volume booster app on our list today is Super Loud Volume Booster and it is available to Android users only. This app offers you an ultimate sound experience. This app also allows you to enhance your device volume level thereby increasing media, alarm volume and notification sounds of your mobile phone. In addition, in-build equalizers and bass boost are included to improve earphone and speaker audio sound and quality. This volume booster app supports all devices. Download Here for Android users.


Looking at accessing a good audio sound quality, with equalizers effects to go about it? The above-listed media programs are earphone volume booster apps with amazing Volume Boosting functions for your Android smartphone and iOS devices. Make haste and try one of these apps for the best audio quality sound and louder volume levels.


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