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How To Contact Ecobank Customer Care

ecobank customer care
Written by Chidera

Contacting Ecobank customer care agents through phone number, Ecobank WhatsApp number, email, live chat and through their social media handle like Facebook is an awesome new way to end all those trips to the bank. You no longer need to visit the bank each time you need to make complaints or inquire about new packages. There’s so much that can be done through the Ecobank customer care.

ecobank customer care

One unique and beautiful thing about this platform is that you can access it at any time of the day with any device that is within your reach. Previously, we discuss the different ways to transfer money from Ecobank. Today, you will be shown all the channels through which you can contact Ecobank with your complaints and enquiries without having to leave your home or offices.

Common Problems Addressed by Ecobank Customer Care

  • Online banking Inquiries: You can make inquiries regarding Ecobank online banking platform and other packages you can access online, requirements and ways to increase your options. You can also reset your online password.
  • Card transactions: You can make complaints about your card issues to their customer care agents to help you block your stolen debit card if you misplace it for any reason. With the help of Ecobank customer service, you can also change your card PIN.
  • General Account issues: You can make queries about checking account balance when you visit any Ecobank Nigeria branches. You can also make inquiries about packages you can access through your type of Ecobank account and so on. You can also make complaints about the products you are currently using when you’re connected with their customer support agent.
  • Cheque issues: You can track and stop a cheque if you wish through this medium.
  • Account verification and reactivation: You can reactivate your dormant account and verify your BVN through this platform.

List of the Ecobank Customer Care Channels.

Ecobank has made available different ways in which you can contact the customer care in Nigeria. These services vary according to devices that can access them, You can contact them by email, Number or live chat and all platforms can be accessed 24/7.

Ecobank Customer Care Number.

ecobank phone number You can call the Ecobank customer care through any of these phone numbers. Remember to have enough airtime when calling them as the call can be quite long:



Another good way is to WhatsApp Ecobank through this phone number:


Ecobank Customer care via Social Media

You can reach Ecobank customer service agents by sending a message on their Social Media platforms.

Ecobank Customer Care Email Address.

If you wish to use this medium to reach them, then send all inquiries as an email to [email protected]. Ensure you do not include your bank details in the message and you don’t have to include your card details as well; only include the first six digits and last four digits.

Reaching Ecobank Live Chat.

This is an awesome way to make all your inquiries and complaints as you have access to real-time solutions to your desires as quickly as they are made when you use the live chat system. It is also very economical as the only thing you require is access to the internet. It is a quicker and smarter way to get all solutions.

ecobank customer care live chat

The different variety of the Ecobank platform ensures that you can choose any option that works for you at any time. Whether it is by call (when you have airtime) or it is by email or by live chat (if you have internet access). You can choose to use more than one of them at any point.

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I do hope it works for you, let us know your experiences with the different platforms by through comment box below.

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  • Dear sir /ma, am badmus jubril adewale am having an issues with my online banking and my account has been blocked. Pls kindly help me out

  • My name is Mrs Firstlene, Ecobank baffled me, I am a nursing Mum, I was thinking of how I will go to join Queue to lay my complaint, I send money to someone, it was debited but the person was not credited. I call one of the customer care lines and they responded like fire and even send greetings to my baby who was crying on the background. I hope before now and Friday they will rectify the problem as they promise.. this makes me like Ecobank more…

  • hello ecobank i actually try to make some redrawal using another bank ATM point but i was debited without redrawing the money.i have apply for the refund of the money in one of your branch in cross river state and nothing has been done to resolved the issued for me and is getting to one week.i wish to informed this bank if nothing is done to reversed my money i will be forced to close my account with the bank and must ensured to report to the appropriate body for action. Godwin Okon.tanks for your feedback.

  • My name is Olubusayo Yeye… This morning I went to one of your ATM to withdraw in Ekuwlobia in Anambra state… But I was debited 10,000 and yet to be refunded back. Pls, I will be glad if it can be rectified now. Thanks

  • Please I send a money with western union to someone account in ecobank but the account number is not correct and i have been waiting for refund and western union said ecobank have not return the money please try and get back to me on what is going and here is the acct number 8023139947

  • Pls i have been calling from dubai and customer service have been singing for me is costing me so much money to call from here can i get an immediate response from here

    • Hello, somebody sent money to my account through atm, it was reversed,but her bank is demanding for my account statement am not in Nigeria meaning nobody can have my account statement except me. So i need to know how i can provide my identification for my statement of account to be mailed to me so tjis people cn refound the money back.

  • Hi, gudevening. My name is Emmanuel.i wanted withdrawing money today but it kept on saying issuer operative….. and reject my card. Not until later in the evening about 6pm +, that I tried again and I found out after withdrawal my account had already been debited from the ones network decline. To make this worse, this evening abt 9pm+, I received a debit alert in all my attempt including the failed one.
    This is the reason I stopped using Ecobank, now it has started again

  • i visited one of your branches at Port Harcourt Woji by YKC and submitted my transfer form since morning up till now the beneficiary have not gotten the credit nether i have gotten the debit.Kindly assist as this is urgent.
    PATIENCE ONYENKWU–0431029363

    Thank you.

  • I have two challenges.
    I am currently living in Tanzania
    I was trying to transfer Dollar from my one dollar account to my Ecobank domiciled account, but it was telling me my name is not found with the bank and l was told the number is correct. what is the problem?

    I need my mobile internet app pin to be activated. I downloaded the app and trying to reactivate the app, told me the account is dormant and I was told that it’s only from Nigeria that the reset can be done because I have gone to ecobank branch here in Dar es Salaam but they said they can’t access my account here.
    Please, what is the way out.

  • Hi am Tuluma Thomas S on 02-10-18 I was debited 24300 naira without my knowledge i filled form at Ecobank whorf road opposite eleganza plaza from then till i have not receive feedback and if i didn’t get feedback i will close that account.

  • Dear Ecobank.

    I tried to withdraw money using my Eco-bank MasterCard, i was told WITHDRAW FROM CHECK, YOU HAVE EXCEEDED YOUR WITHDRAWAL FREQUENCY LIMIT, But the amount couldn’t pay out. I keep on trying, finally i was informed that my card is blocked. I have tried several times to reach the Customer’s care for urgently assistance but did not pick my calls, please help me to recover my card.

  • Ecobank is the worst bank ever very annoying and slow, you will go to withdraw they will debit 65# even when you didn’t get your money stupid bank.

  • Dear Ecobank

    I am one disappointed client from Zimbabwe. I transferred RTGS$125 using your mobile banking platform on 22 February 2019 to a CABS account. I however put in an incorrect account number, then contacted Ecobank. I was advised through your bank and CABS to apply for a recall of the funds which l did initially on the 9th of March 2019. A month later the funds had still not been recalled. I approached your bank again enquiring on progress on my issue. I was again requested to apply in writing for another recall of funds which l did for the second time on 11th of April 2019. To date, the funds have not been recalled. I have been contacting your bank several times incuding via email to no avail. To date, the funds have not been recalled and we are going into 3 months now.

  • Dear Ecobank.
    On 3/11/2020 . I was debited for a failed and decline POS transaction.
    I have lodged complaint so many times but didn’t see the outcome of the complaints.
    I call the customers care, chat live with there customers care but no response.
    Am one of your customers but not satisfy with Ecobank services.

  • This good for nothing bank debited money from my account without dispensing, I had spent 500 hundred naria call card to reach their useless customer care all to no avail. If you guys are not Pablo I mean if you employ qualify employees you guys would be a little better than this useless. If u guys don’t refund my stolen money I will keep sending this type of nasty message….

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