Ecobank internt banking

Ecobank Internet Banking: How To Get Started

Would you love to learn how the Ecobank internet banking registration platform works? Would you like to enhance your banking with it, well stick around let me show you how.

Ecobank internet banking platform
Ecobank internet banking platform

Ecobank is one of the leading pan-African banks in Nigeria with branches in well over 36 countries. It is also among the leading banks in Nigeria with variety of innovative packages designed to keep you happy and satisfied.

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One of these packages is the Ecobank Internet banking package which ensures that all your banking transactions are made easier. It also ensures that you have access to and can control your account from any location of your choice.

Ecobank Internet Banking platform – Features

  • Enhanced security when compared to traditional banking platform
  • Real time transactions
  • Transfers to both accounts in Nigeria and other countries
  • Access to your  Ecobank bank account 24/7
  • Direct email feedback

Benefits of Ecobank Online Banking platform

  • Checking Account Balance:  The Ecobank Online banking platform ensures that you view the real time balance of funds in your account. You can monitor, check and track all account activities from this platform
  • Money Transfer: It ensures that you can easily transfer your funds to any bank of your choice in Nigeria and other countries
  • Customer Service: You also have access to an interactive customer care service through the mailbox feature on the platform. You can communicate with Ecobank representatives at any time you want.
  • Update of Personal Information: You can always update your personal information to Ecobank securely through this platform
  • Pay Bills: You can pay all bills such as Electricity bill, DSTV bill and so on through this platform with ease and convenience.
  • and so much more.

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Registeration Steps for Ecobank Internet banking

In order to start using the Ecobank internet banking platform, you have to request for your unique Login details. You can do this by either going to an Ecobank branch office or you can quickly start your application here online by following this easy steps:

  • Visit this page to get started
  • Select your country from the top button , i.e Nigeria.
  • Next, select “Activate an Ecobank product” and on the next page click “internet banking”.
  • Select the state in Nigeria as matched with the residential addresses linked to your Ecobank account
  • Enter your account number
  • Select the branch office that you use as linked to your Ecobank account
  • But if you are not sure about this option, leave it blank
  • On the Next page, enter your personal information and contact details
  • the Next thing is to download and print the request form
  • Fill in and take it to your Ecobank branch office
  • When successfully processed, you will receive your internet login details as an email

How to Login to your internet banking platform

  • Visit the Ecobank page
  • Enter your Unique ID and password  as sent to your email
  • Confirm your secure image and message
  • After login, please ensure to change your password.
  • And there you go, you can start banking by the internet.

The Ecobank internet platform is a good way to work better and smarter and also enjoy your banking experience. Why not get started today.

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