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ecobank mobile app
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Would you love to get started on using the wonderful Ecobank Mobile app? If you do, then stick around and read this step by step guide on how to use the Ecobank Mobile application in improving your banking needs.

ecobank mobile app download

Ecobank Mobile app page

Ecobank is a prestigious bank in the beautiful country. Nigeria has set about improving the lives of customers by making available awesome platforms engineered towards improving your banking transaction processes.

The Ecobank Mobile app is a product among other beautiful platforms put together by Ecobank of Nigeria. It is a safe and secure approach to control and access your bank account at any time of the day from any smart device of your choice. It is easy to use and much easier once you are done reading this lovely instructional guide.

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Features/Benefit of using Ecobank Mobile App

The following are some of the things you can do with the Ecobank applications when downloaded and installed on your mobile phone.

  • Send  Money to anyone: You can send funds to any bank account in almost about 33 countries in Africa and all commercial bank accounts in Nigeria. All it requires is that the recipient own a Xpress Bank account. This bank account can be opened online very easily.
  • Shopping needs: You can shop easily by scanning bar codes in any shop, this beautiful feature called Scan+Pay QR ensures that you do not need to carry cash to be able to make all purchased.
  • Open an Xpress bank Account: You can open an Xpress bank account through your mobile app easily. There’s no need for account fees and paperwork.
  • Link your Visa or MasterCard: You do not need to own an Ecobank account to be able to use the Ecobank Mobile app. You can link any Visa or MasterCard of any bank to your Mobile app and make all your transactions.
  • Pay Bills and Airtime Recharge: You can also pay bills and top up your mobile phone very easy from your account through your Ecobank Mobile app.

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How to Download the Ecobank Mobile app

Here are links to download the latest Ecobank app for your smart device.

How to Activate the Ecobank Mobile app

To authenticate and start using the Ecobank Mobile app is quite easy and takes only a single step. After installing the Ecobank Mobile app, all you need do is dial *326# on your mobile phone and change your PIN (ensure it is the mobile phone linked to your bank account). Next log into the app and start using the Mobile app.

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Need to Know

Using the Ecobank Mobile app is a beautiful and secure scheme to improve your banking needs. This can all go to waste if you do not actively and consciously protect your account. I will give you simple tips on how you can protect your application from hacks and fraudsters, they include:

  • Never share your password /PIN to any individual
  • Never send your debit cards details in an SMS to any person
  • Do not click on the links in any suspicious links in any emails you receive claiming to be from Ecobank
  • Try using Phone app locks to restrict users from accessing your Ecobank Mobile app.

Note that you can contact Ecobank customer service via phone or email incase you need further help with your registration.

The Ecobank Mobile app is an interactive platform.  It is equipped with its engaging contents all designed for your comfort. Why not get started today.

If you do need more help on how to use this service, do place a comment below.

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