30 Best Educational Games for Kids

Best online games for kids


Getting smart can be done beyond schooling, here is the list of educational games for kids.

Education as we know it has undergone lots of amazing changes. Today, kids can access any kind of education they want at their fingertips. These learning applications and software help them become smarter and develop their creativity. This article contains some of the best educational games for your kids to enjoy, making learning so much fun for them.

30 Best Educational Games for kids.

1. Intro to Geography: World Edition

educational games for kids

The Intro to Geography: World Edition app is an excellent educational game for kids online. This app contains different activities, puzzles, names, locations and flags of every country. This app will help your child learn so much about World Education where your children can get engaged with lots of challenging sessions. When they complete a challenge, they will be awarded a stamp to put your virtual passport. It is all very exciting.

Download: iOS ( $4.99)

2. Faces iMake

Faces iMake

Faces iMake is an excellent kids game application that boosts creativity. It lets your children build pictures in any way they want. This quirky app also lets your kids play music so its interaction and profound engagement all day long while they learn about art or creativity.

Download: iOS ($2.99)

3. Math Ninja

Math Ninja

Math Ninja is an amazing app that gives your child that is an extremely interactive platform to learn mathematics such as addition, subtraction and multiplication games. This app uses pop-culture images of ninjas and kids love ninjas. it is also one of the best free educational games for kids.

Download: Android and iOS.

4. How It Works

How It Works

This lovely app is another great educational games for your kids. It has great interactive animations, easy to do activities, fun games and interesting array of facts about our planet. All of this is built in an easy to use set up, so your child stays engaged while learning about so much. This game is specifically for kids aged 6 to 8.

Download: iOS Store ( $2.99)

3. DragonBox

DragonBox educational games for kids

DragonBox is also among the educational games for kids that makes learning so much fun and allows your child access to learning algebra, geometry and many more. However, this learning game is divided into 5 phases. Each phase will require a one time fee for purchase before your child can delve right into the segment. This game is specifically for kids from Age 6 to 12.

Download: Android and iOS

4. Quick Maths

Quick Maths educational games for kids

This is another great mathematical educational games for kids. However it is specifically for kids in grades 2 to 6 who are already quite familiar with numbers. It features a lot of challenges in an engaging setup to help your kids become better at solving mathematical problems.

Download: iOS and Android

5. Science360


If your child loves the Scientific world so much, then this game is an excellent addition, It also features as one of the best learning games for kids. It is exclusively for tablets and showcases a lot of facts about advanced science, videos, engineering images and this app is updated every two weeks to keep up with authentic and current news around the world of science. It is made to be quite interactive and children will love the 3D- images which allows them to view images from all angles.

Download: iOS and Android

6. Kids Vocabulary, Grammar and Languages games

Kids Vocabulary, Grammar and Languages games

When you are looking for the amazing app that would teach your kindergarten and preschoolers more words and great grammatical control, this is your app. This application features a curriculum based learning experience in literacy, language, science, maths and many more. You can even have up to four kids on a single account.

Download: The application is free to download over the iOS store. However, the full version costs $3.99 per month or you can pick.

7. Crossword Puzzles

Crossword Puzzles

As the name implies this game features a wide expanse of puzzles intent on making your child smarter using a funny and interactive learning outline. It also features as one of the best free educational games for kids.

Download: AndroidiOS

8. My Molecularium

My Molecularium

This is an exciting game app specially made for High school students who wish to learn more about chemistry concepts with regards to chemical formulas, skeletal formulas, molecular structure and a whole lot more. It is an excellent learning game for kids online.

Download: Android and iOS

9. Spelling stage

Spelling stage learning game for kids

When your child finds it so had to spell words, this interactive app can be a game changer. With a paid subscription you get access to a wide range of words for all age groups categorized according to the different age groups from preschoolers right to adults.

Download: iOS 

10. Time, Money and FractionsTime, Money and Fractions

This lovely and compelling app is one of the best educational games for kids. It allows kids to learn a lot in an interactive platform that offers audio for relaxation as well as colourful graphics, silly and funny animations.

download: iOS ( $4.99)

11. Math Evolve: A Fun Math Game

Math Evolve: A Fun Math Game

This lovely maths game is another excellent game app for kids aged 6 and above who need improvement in addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. It is also easily customised to feature only a particular age group at a time.

Download: iOS

12. KidECook


Do you wish to encourage your children to develop interests in cooking especially in an appealing form? This app is the right choice. With is fully equipped virtual cooking, your kids can learn more about weights, measures as well as how to properly do better in the kitchen.

Downloads: iOS

13. Kids Academy

Kids Academy

This is another top contender among the best educational apps for kids that are free. It game is more specifically made for kids between the ages of 2 and 6 and will teach them how to improve their writing, phonics as well as reading abilities. Kids Academy game app features a wide expanse of games, videos and off-screen activities. It is a free game app but you will have to pay for a subscription to upgrade and unlock some of the features if you wish.

Downloads: iOS

14. Kids Songs

Kids Songs

This lovely app features over 700 sing-along songs and It also features over 90 musical storybooks which will help your kids develop an interest in music and learn more. This app also allows you stream songs and videos to your TV. It is actually a free download and quite great for your kids.

Download: iOS

15. LeVar Burton Kids SkyBary

LeVar Burton Kids SkyBary

This is yet another free educational game for kids under the age of 5. This exciting app will help your child develop the love of reading. It has a ton of interactive digital books and video field trips for your kids. The app is free to download but it requires subscriptions to use it. Download: iOS ($4.99 per month or $39.99 per year).

16. Epic – Unlimited Books for Kids


The Epic mobile game app gives your child access to unlimited digital books where your kids can explore their interests and learn a whole lot. It features over 25,000 quality e-books, learning videos, quizzes and audiobooks for kids under the age of 12.  It is one of the best free educational apps. However, the free version is only available for 30 days after which you are required to pay a paid subscription to which up to four kids can use it at once.

Download: IOS, Android ($7.99 per month)

17. Duolingo


This is an awesome app and an excellent choice when you wish for your child to learn a foreign language. This app offers a variety of languages from Dutch, Danish, Spanish, Italian, Irish, German, French and of course English. It is one of the best free educational games for kids online. It is absolutely free and there are no hidden fees

Download: iOS, Android.

18. YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids

The YouTube Kids is an interactive and safer platform where kids can learn a whole lot of things.  It also combines a wide expanse of parent control options so parents stay ahead of what their little ones are viewing. You can easily customize sections for your whole family.

Download: iOS and Android

19. Lightbot: Code Hour

Lightbot: Code Hour

When you wish to introduce your kids to a whole new world of coding, this is your best bet. This problem- solving app is an excellent choice where your kids get to write code to get a certain bot away from trouble. It is quite fun and even adults can enjoy it. It features as one of the best games for kids online.

Download: iOS, Android.

20. WolframAlpha


The WolframAlpha app is excellent for your kids as it features a wide array of science topics in various subjects such as physics, statistics, mathematics and chemistry.

Download: iOS,  Android ($2.99)

21. DragonBox Elements

DragonBox Elements

DragonBox Elements is a great learning game for kids aged 8 to 11. It is one of the educational games for kids lets them explore fundamental topics in geometry and puzzles. However, younger kids may need guidance to learn more from this app.

Download: iOS,  Android ($4.99)

22. The Elements

The Elements

This app is an excellent choice for high school students. It allows students to learn about all the elements in the periodic table using an interactive interface. The app is actually based on a best-selling book.

Download: $8.99, available for iOS

23. Mathway


Mathway is another great mathematical learning platform for kids. It features excellent interactive and engaging contents. It is actually a free app for kids but if you wish to unlock additional features, you can simply upgrade.

Download:  iOSAndroid

24. ClassDojo


ClassDojo is not exactly a game app. It is actually a classroom communication app which lets teachers interact in real time with their students as well as parents. Teachers can keep track of everything the student does via the app while having access to features for uploads of learning videos and pictures. used to share reports between parents and teachers. Teachers track student behaviour and upload photos or videos

Download; Android, iOS.

25. Star Walk 2

Star Walk 2

Star Walk app is meant to give your child an exciting intro to the world of astronomy. It features intense graphics set up with gorgeous 3-D images of celestial bodies. It is a free app but when you wish to make significant upgrades, you will be required to pay some cash.

Download: iOS,  Android ($2.99)

26. Universal Zoom

Universal Zoom

Universal Zoom is an excellent app which features a lot of graphical displays of the world around us. It is a scientific application with everything from the Eiffel tower, to atomic particles and space bodies.

Download: iOS ($3.99)

27. Monkey Word

Monkey Word

This application is among some of the great online educational games for kids. It features a wide range of adventures which will teach your child everything from spelling, phonics and may more. It uses the jungle-theme outlay and is excellent for preschoolers and kindergarten.

Download: $1.99, iOS, Android

28. Todo Math

Todo Math

The Todo Math app helps your kids learn all about numbers. It is excellent for kids aged 6 to 8. It will also introduce them to negative numbers, equations and many more.

Download: iOS, Android

29. Swift Playgrounds

Swift Playgrounds

The Swift Playground is yet another interactive application for learning all about codes. With this lovely application, your kids can learn coding basics in a fun, stress-free and interactive environment. No coding knowledge is needed to use this app.

Download: iOS

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30. FlowFree


The FlowFree app is one of the free educational games for kids that features well over 2000 puzzles meant specifically for your kids in high school.

Download: iOS and Android.

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