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The Importance, Types And Scope of Educational Technology

The scope of Educational Technology, meaning, importance and the various types are shared here.

We call our time the Information Age or the Digital Age. Both portray the reality where we live today. Truthfully, our lives have never been more dependable for information. Furthermore, we have never face reality as we now live where information has been so easy to get.

What is Educational Technology?

Positively, living in the Digital Age has some advantage. For example, less demanding communication, access to learning, and adaptability. There are obstacles as well. A sense of confinement and an over-reliance on technology.

With our event changing more each new day, technology has discovered its way into our classrooms and change our concentration on learning. In this article, we will talk about the importance and scope of educational technology.

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Educational Technology – Definition.

Educational technology is defined as the act of using mechanical devices in learning. As a concept, іt deals with different types of tools. For example, media, machines and systems services equipment, and also applications that are been stored on our phone.

Educational Technology

The scope of Educational Technology.

The educational technology, form various types of media that convey content, sound, pictures, audio, and video, and also forms technology applications, for example, sound or video tape, satellite TV, CD-ROM, and PC based knowledge, as well as internet and electronic knowledge. The Internet in the field of study, underlie numerous e-learning process.

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Educational Technology makes learning and adopting more purposive. That is, ET helps to examine the ideas of teaching and learning, analysis of teaching and learning process, factors of teaching, levels of teaching, and theories and standards of teaching and learning.


Education Technology attempts to talk about the ways and methods for finding reasonable methods of teaching regarding the ideal learning and accessible teaching resources, the availability of various kinds of strategies, devices, and models of teaching, alongside their proper selection and use of the best result.


Education Technology deals with legitimate planning of teachers for practising their responsibility. For this reason, ET includes topics like models of students, micro teaching, stimulated teaching, group team and so forth.

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Let’s be honest. Our children invest a great deal of energy in social media. In any case, social media isn’t all bad. By putting our children interest on social media, we can find great tools for sharing information among their friends. educational technology

By using social media for the right purposes, our kids won’t just add to the trading of information, however, they will also build up a sense of competence and confidence. They may have fun when they can see that their contribution help other people.

Far from that, a student can use technology to discover software that will help in their academy task. In our present day, students can use a wide range of programming software to sort out and help with their scholarly assignments.

They will also be among the first to prove to us that using technology works quicker than any outdated technique we’ve extended from our twentieth-century childhoods.


We’ve seen that technology can give our students some extraordinary tools that they can use in acing their assignment. A considerable measure of progress had been made of late in creating applications in the field of specialized education. These applications have made the lives of a few students considerably less demanding and they have helped them feel more motivated to learn.

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These advances are not just perfect for students with special needs, it also helps other kids who share the classroom with them. Through technology, they are encouraged to respect all kind of people and are set up for life in society.

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