Educational toys for toddlers

Best 20 Educational Toys for Toddlers

Educational toys for Toddlers – Introduction

Most parents find it difficult to figure out the best educational toys for their toddlers. Indeed, it is very tricky because it is hard to know what they will like and what hey will prefer to play with. Most parents are on the look out for toys that are highly educational but this is not usually the case as some of the toys that are regarded as educational are not really educational while some offer more than education and learning.

Are you a parent planning to buy educational toys for toddlers?

Therefore, be it for christmas or as a birthday gift, it is pertinent for your toddler’s toy to be interactive. More so, it should provide him with the opportunity to learn new melodies, letters, numbers, and motor coordination. Remember, we earlier published a post on the best educational toys for 2-year-olds.

In this post, we shall highlight the best 20 educational toys for toddlers.

Best 20 Educational toys for toddlers

  1. Haba Snack Stack Sorting Box

This is an awesome toy made of plywood and beech. It is a set of five wooden shapes and one sorting box. This will help in developing your child’s shape recognition skills and also assists in making him know what each animal eat. For instance, Dogs eats bones while Carrots is for bunnies.

  1. Manhattan Toy STEM Blox

This is another educational toys for toddlers. This toy with 36 blocks of which 26 are letters, numbers 0 to 9. It is also composed of basic grammar symbols and basic mathematics signs and has a storage drawing bag.

  1. Melissa and Doug Classic Toy Bead Maze

This toy has a roller coaster wire sandwiched with bright beads. Also, it has a sturdy wooden base for balancing when placed on a table top. The educational side of this toy is that it encourages the recognition of colors and shapes.

Best 20 Educational toys for toddlers

  1. Edushape Water Magic Cube

The modus of this toy involves filling of water, rotating, pouring and witnessing the streams of water falling into unique shapes. Additionally, the water Magic Cube is very useful in the development of visual and tactile senses. Furthermore, this fully engages the hands, minds, and eyes in the reasoning process. This is one of the most educational toys for toddlers as it involves both the learning game and bathtime experiences.

  1. Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog

This is simply a design of Spike the Fine Hedgehog. He lost his quills and it is the duty of the toddler to fix it for him. This toy boosts his sorting and colour identification skills since he has to fix the peg-shaped quills and spike chunky within the holes at the back of the Hedgehog.

  1. Fisher-Price Classic See and Say

This is one of the toddler’s favorite toys. It replicates the sounds of animals and gives them the opportunity to choose the sound that they want to hear. Featured in it are 12 animals. The animal that the arrow points to will produce the sound of the animal.

Best 20 Educational toys for toddlers

  1. Moluk Hix

This toy is another educational toy for toddlers. It is made of 4 cones that can be converted and stacked into nested shapes and configurations. It encompasses fun and learning and provides the avenue for the child to learn geometry, creativity and sensory development.

  1. Haba My First ABC Clutching Puzzle

This toy is simply the best way to introduce your toddler to the alphabets. It has a puzzle and a set of mixed-up alphabets which the child has to rearrange in order. If you wish your child to start learning the ABC, then this toy is what you need.

  1. Learning Resources Smart Sounds Playhouse

This portable smart sound playhouse allows the kids to have an experience of the house environment. The toy has coloured doors that you can open by reading the buttons. Also, sounds can as well be produced when the right buttons are pressed. Meanwhile, it is very helpful in building imaginative skills and the creative skills of the child. This is in addition to the identification of colours, letters and shapes.

Best 20 Educational toys for toddlers

  1. Dolce My First Owl Clock

Educational Toys for Toddlers - DolceI know that your toddler still has some more years to learn the clock, but Dolce My First Owl Clock will help to introduce him to time and numbers. More so, it is helpful in hand-eye coordination and motor skills development.

  1. Haba wooden puzzle Merry Animal Mix and Match

Educational toys for toddlers - HabaThis is another educational toy for toddlers. It is good for development of motor coordination and shape identification skills. It is a 30 pieces of puzzle that you can mix and arrange to make fun animal shapes.

  1. Tegu 24-Piece Block System

Educationl toys for toddlers - Tegu

This toy will boost the problem-solving skills of your toddlers. It is made up of rectangular blocks and cubes which can be fixed to build cubes, columns, and parallelograms. Also, this 24-piece Block system will help in development of the creative and building skills of your child.

Best 20 Educational toys for toddlers

  1. Manhattan Toy Musical Chicken

Educational oys for toddlers - Mahattan

This educational musical chicken from Manhattan is made up of five instrument attachments which introduces the toddlers to music. It is composed of a cymbal, a 5-bar xylophone, the wings and the tails of the chicken. Therefore, it is indeed an educational toy for toddlers as it aids in the development of hand-eye coordination.

  1. VTech Call & Chat learning Phone

This toy is includes clocks, phone and phone apps. It is just like giving your child a phone. With over 5 different ring tones, it is one of the best educational toys for toddlers as it introduces them to numbers, time and letters.

  1. VTech Baby Babble and Rattle Microphone

This toy can amplify your child’s voice. It operates like the real microphone and encourages him to talk and sing along while expressing his creative side. When you shake the rattle, it produces exciting sounds. It is very useful for introducing the toddlers to fine melodies.

Best 20 Educational toys for toddlers

  1. VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk

This is a fully packed learning Desk which has writing, singing, drawing, and other fun activities. It has a demo screen that is very interactive and packed with demos to help the child learn how to write both letters and numbers as well as various forms of creative drawings.

  1. VTech Baby’s learning Laptop

This toy laptop makes the toddlers have a feel of the real life Laptop. It has keyboards and a movable mouse. It is a learning centre with 3 modes to teach shapes music and alphabets.

  1. Mag Builders Magnetic Tiles with storage Case

This is indeed another mind blowing educational toy for toddlers. It is very helpful in developing their mathematical skills, colour identification and creative skills. It is made up of a set of magnetic blocks of different shapes and it is left for the child to fix them up to build trains, trucks, cars and more.

Best 20 Educational toys for toddlers

Best 20 Educational toys for toddlers

  1. Pretend and Play Doctor Set

This toy tries to replicate the medical kits. It develops the child’s skills in empathy and carding for others. The pack hasstethoscope, bandages, thermometer and other medical equipment. It has melodious sounds. In all, this toy is very helpful in building the motor skills and social development skills of the child.

  1. Fisher-Price Beats Dance and Move

Indeed, this is a dance machine. In fact, there is no dull moment with this toy. Interestingly, it develops the dancing and reflective skills of your toddlers. Additionally, it produces fun sounds with nice beats. For instance, the Beatbo dances to the beats thereby making the toddler to want to follow suit. Therefore, these make it a theatre of educative entertainment.


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