10 Best English Learning Apps (Android/iPhone) 2020

Using English learning apps can be useful to students, who want to improve their English speaking skills. Also, Educational institutions like high schools and university colleges, are encouraged to recommend these apps for learning English, to their students to help them improve. In addition, the English language learning tools on these apps are very easy to use, and you can access them anytime on your Android or iOS devices.

English learning Apps

So, if you love the English language and wish to improve at speaking and understanding it, you should get these English mobile apps today. In addition, these apps will teach how to pronounce English words correctly and make good sentences.

In today’s post let us quickly examine 10 of the best apps that you can use to learn English and show you their unique features.

10 Best English learning Apps (Android/iPhone)


  1. Duolingo

English learning apps-Duolingo

More than 200 million people around the world use Duolingo to better their English language learning experience. Duolingo is currently the most commonly used English learning app worldwide. This English learning app is also highly recommended for English beginners. In addition, it has fun, game-like lessons that help to enhance English learning processes and keep students motivated and excited about the language. Download Duolingo for Android now.

  1.  Busuu

English learning apps-busuu

Designed by linguists, Busuu is one of the best English learning apps available to mobile devices. This app combines a powerful Al-powered mechanism and human interaction ethics to teach and also help students learn English language faster. With this app, you can talk with native English speakers as you practice English language speaking skills, and get feedback from more advanced English learners too. Download Busuu for Android now.

  1. Memrise

English learning apps-Memrise

To effectively speak English, individuals must have an expanded vocabulary. Memrise is creatively designed to enhance your English learning experience by teaching you new english words and helping you to remember them easily. In addition, you will learn tons of new English words daily. You also have uninterrupted learning options like an offline learning mode in the app. Download Memrise for Android Now.

  1. Rosetta Stone

English learning apps-Rosetta Stone

Rosetta stone is a creatively designed app, with very different features from most English learning apps. In other words, Rosetta English learning app makes the complex English language, very easy to comprehend. Furthermore, it has exercises designed to help you learn like you a young child just starting to learn the English language. It also includes words, phrases, and audio that will enhance your learning procedure and sharpen your speaking skills. Download Rosetta Stone for iOS now.

  1. Sentence Master Pro

Sentence Master Pro

This app is one of the most fantastic English learning apps available to users across all device platforms.  Also, it is a very good English learning app, with multiple English learning categories. This app includes categories for younger children, adults and advanced English learners to assist them in learning and improving their English language proficiency. It also deploys these goals through means of gamification platforms on the app. As learning is now more fun, download Sentence Master pro for Android now.

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  1. Hello English

Hello English

For most people, learning the English language is natural and comes easy, while for some it is a great feat and hard. Are you finding it hard with your English language studies? If you are, I will like to introduce you to Hello English. Hello, English is a popular English learning app, that would work for you. This app features 475 lesson studies, great offline support, and a 10,000-word dictionary to assist you to learn quickly and effectively. Try this app today. Download Hello English from the PlayStore now.

  1. Drops: Learn English Language App


Drops is actually a two English learning app. this app was designed to assist users with learning both the British and American English.  The app is also a great app to have, with tons of learning methods like an aggressive vocabulary method, conversational English teaching and many more. It also includes good offline support for learners, amazing learning games. In addition, it has a great variety of subscription plans to keep users updated on the latest happenings on the English learning network. Download Drops for Android Now.

  1. Learn English Phrases (Android) App

Learn English Phrases (Android) App

A simple and accessible way of easily learning the English language is by using English learning apps. This app works as a phrase finder and a reference guide for English learners. It contains a bunch of English phrases and words along with correct pronunciations. It is also a great offline English learning app. Furthermore, it has cool features, like recording your voice and hearing how it sounds, effective study aid and more. Download Learn English for Android now.

  1. English Conversation Practice

English Conversation Practice

This is a conversational English learning app, with different categories for different levels of learners. It assists users to learn the English language better and quicker, by giving them English speaking exercises that they can use to practice and improve their knowledge. It also offers a conversational way of study that will make users confident and happy with learning. Download this app for iOS and Android devices now.

  1. Speak English

Speak English

This app is a comprehensive English learning app that you must have. Furthermore, it has lessons planned to help you practice and converse in English. It also includes good and helpful idioms and bookmark options for certain reminders. It is exclusive to iOS devices and notably one of the best English learning apps on the platform.


You can get these English learning apps on your mobile device, and learn at your own pace. These apps are highly recommended for kids at school and various educational institutions have also added these apps to their current curriculum. In addition, these apps will make learning the English language easier, better and more fun for students. You can also teach your kids at home with these apps and improve your own English learning and speaking abilities too. Get apps today.


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