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10 Best Entertainment Apps for Android And iPhone

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Nowadays, we use entertainment apps to pass time when we are bored. Entertainment means different things to different people in our communities. In addition, most times, you will see people gazing into their smartphone screens for some amusement. Also, others, scroll through social network feeds like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to search for some fun. Furthermore, watching video content and streaming countless audio files on various live streaming platforms, have become the norm especially for students, teenagers, and young adults.

This is the effect of entertainment on society.

Entertainment Apps

Today, in the mobile market there are certain mobile apps that can help communicate this feeling of fun and social satisfaction. These mobile apps are what we call entertainment apps. They are almost a dozen of them available to both Android and iOS Users around the world. Today, we will be talking about 10 of them.

With these apps, users can catch up with the latest entertaining content like news, music, videos, comedy, movie series and many more. Here is a summary of some of the 10 best apps for mobile entertainment. Let us check them out quickly.

10 Best Entertainment Apps (Android/iPhone)

  1. Procreate


Entertainment Apps are not just audio streaming or video watching apps alone. But, to certain people, the word entertainment communicates a different meaning. Procreate is an incredible drawing app, with rich painting features. It includes about 120 different brush types and up to 128 layers per image. Also, this makes creating and editing entirely extensive and wide. Procreate is a sublime and very portable art app that serves a diverse entertaining purpose for people with artistic instincts.

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  1. Youtube


Youtube is a popular video streaming service and is by far the most visited video content platform on the universe. It is the basic foundation of video streaming. It has millions of content to stream and watch, such as news, documentaries, tutorials, and clips. You can also Download your favourite video contents. Create a video playlist of your favourite videos. You can subscribe to video channels and get notified whenever new contents arrive. Youtube is the bomb of it all.

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  1. TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio

With over 120,000 terrestrial stations. TuneIn Radio earns a spot as one of the best free iPhone apps 2019. With a collection of live radio stations on almost all frequencies around the world. TuneIn is a bundle of entertainment for almost any iOS device user. Covering just about every genre, like sports, news, talk shows, comedy, and music. Wherever you are and whenever you want, no matter what the mood is there is always something to listen to when you open your TuneIn Radio app.

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  1. Ted: Entertainment App

Ted: Entertainment App

Ted is a very entertaining tool for brilliant minds who crave to be better, with daily digestion of new information. This app collectively brings innovative thinkers, motivational speakers and a good list of the world’s most intelligent minds, as they speak on different topics, myths, and unknown facts. This app comes with a simple, but easy to navigate interface, and works with more than 24 native languages. It also includes subtitles in more than 100 languages. Ted is literally one of the best entertainment apps for Android on our list today.

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  1. Dubsmash


If you have always wanted to try a lip-syncing app. Dubsmash is the app for you. You can create entertaining video clips while lip-sync your favourite dialogues or music. Dubsmash comes with a large library of sounds like classic movie quotes, famous dialogues, funny sounds, songs and more. You can special effects to your videos like callouts, stickers, emoji and many more. Additional options to share these video clips with friends are also included.

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  1. Sony Crackle: Entertainment App

Sony Crackle entertainment apps

Looking for a free video streaming service with video contents like latest event shows, original TV series, latest movies, and TV shows? Crackle was made just for you. Although not a very popular iOS app, and unlike other video streaming services crackle is free, with no multiple subscription packages. This app supports ads. This is the only thing you will have to put up with as you use this app. Other than this, it has a very reasonably large collection of video contents all for your entertainment.

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  1. Pandora Music

Pandora Music

Search and stream millions of songs from your favourite artist, group or band. Pandora is an audio streaming service with a huge library of songs. Music is one way to entertain yourself and relieve stress. With Pandora music, you can always create a song playlist, download your preferred music and listen to it offline. You can also listen to 4 radio stations offline and use your voice to search for music in this app.

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  1. Google Playbooks

Google Playbooks

Playbooks are always fun apps to use. This one is particularly entertaining as it contains relaxing audio stories, that sounds awesome. It also includes an amazing collection of audiobooks, ebooks, comics, and textbooks. This app works on various mobile device platforms, so no matter where you are or what device you use, you can always catch up and access your playbooks anytime. No subscription packages are included in this app. It is absolutely free.

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  1. Talking Tom Cat

Talking Tom Cat entertainment apps

These days Entertainment can boil down to fun mobile games like Talking Tom cat. In this app, you can speak directly to a cat named Tom and have him repeat all you say with different voice tones. You can also poke Tom, stroke and play virtually with it. Also, you have an additional option to customize Tom’s appearance and outfits and even record his funny activities for viewing. Furthermore, you can easily share and upload these clips on any social media networking site.

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10 Barbie Dreamtopia

Barbie Dreamtopia

For all the Barbie lovers, this Barbie game can serve as a much-needed entertainment for you. Also, you can use your creativity to design magical hairstyles, play with whimsical hair accessories that will assist you in washing, cutting and styling barbies magical hair. In addition, you can also curl, straighten, wash and decorate her hair too.

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We at NollyTech understand that some mobile apps are better and more comprehensive than others. So, to help you narrow down your search for entertainment apps, we have taken it upon ourselves to research and compile these 10 best entertainment apps, out of the dozens out there in the market.

These apps vary in features, some are free and while others may be paid service agents for the developers. Try these apps whenever you have a free schedule or a very boring day. Entertain yourself now.

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