10 Best Face Swap Apps (android/iPhone) 2020

Ever heard of face swap apps? probably not, it kind of seems crazy to think about, but it is actually fun to know and use this new technology. For most people who probably might never have heard of it or used it, face swap apps let you switch faces with friends, family and even celebrities. Also, you can create hilarious and interesting facial images with these apps.

Face swap apps


Today, we’ll be talking extensively on this new innovation and how they can better your lives. Without delay let’s quickly explore our collection of face swap apps.

10 Best Face Swap Apps (Android/iPhone)

  1. Cupace – Cut and Paste Face Photo

face swap apps.-Cupace - Cut and Paste Face Photo

Some people actually think that face swapping effect are actually features of photo apps like Snapchat, Dubsmash and more. But, No! really face swaps are mobile innovations of their own. Cupace is an example of such innovations, it literally extracts a face from an image and puts it on another image. Also, it was solely designed for this function. Options to share your face, swap pictures to various social platforms are also on Cupace.

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  1. Face Swap by Microsoft

face swap apps.-Face Swap by Microsoft

Unlike other face swap apps, this one lets you swap your face with almost anything. Whether it’s a new picture, a friend’s picture, a favorite celebrity or even a stranger. This app also recommends smart options for a face swap. With More Features like automatic skin tone adjustment, texture alignment and face movements.

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  1. Photo Montage Collage

face swap apps-Photo Montage Collage

This simple photo editor helps you create quality face swap images. It is easy and very simple to use. You can also use this app to remove a face from an existing image and put your face there. The newly created images are of good quality, so you don’t have to worry about mishaps. It also carries two modes, wizard and expert modes respectively.

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  1. Face App – Al Face Editor

face swap apps-Face App - Al Face Editor

Face app is a popular and well-known app and unlike other face swap apps, this one doesn’t exactly have face swap features. It is basically a face twerking app.  For example, once you’ve taken a photo, you can use this app to change your gender, twerk your facial features and looks. Face app is a good app for a face swap app. It also has a pro version with more features.

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  1. Face Swap App


Face swap is a full-time image editor with amazing features and multiple filters. Other than face swapping, you can use some basic image editing features like adding stickers, texts, colors and more. It also includes amazing features like clone face and supports real-time masks and multiple face swaps in a photo.

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  1. MSQRD – Live Filters & Face Swap for Video Selfies

MSQRD - Live Filters & Face Swap for Video Selfies

MSQRD is a video selfie app, that has been acquired by Facebook and was the answer to Snapchat’s swapping feature. Originally pronounced as masquerade, this app is the only app that lets you manipulate your pictures with various video effects. These effects actually apply in real-time. Users can also record on this app both in audio and video forms, and apply genuinely the effects that they deem best. Additional options to share recordings are included.

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  1. MRRMRR – Faceapp Face Filter


Just like MSQRD, MRRMRR is a face swap app with cool face filter functions. It four categories of functions. With this app, you can create an animated emoji, use real-time filters and masks and also apply effects. MRRMRR also has a real-time face tracking algorithm, that captures facial movements and applies it on an emoji, giving it an interactive ability. It also includes a variety of masks like rainbow, droll, sunburn, etc.

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  1. Face Swap – Photo Face Swap

Face Swap – Photo Face Swap

Face swap is another app with amazing face swapping functions. It is simple and easy to use. Notably, One the best face swap apps for Android, with more than 10 million downloads. This app lets you choose the images you’ll like to use face swapping functions on and in little or no time completes the task. it is also having quick, easy adjustment functions.

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  1. Face Swap – Photo Editor

Photo Editor

Create real face swapped photos with this app. It is a funny and creative face app, for all things face editing and contains a huge collection of face filters, face effects, face hairstyle, and head accessories. It also has basic photo editing qualities. Try this face swap app today.

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  1. Face Swap Live Beta

Live Beta

Hilariously swap your face with this app. it is an original live face swapping app. You can also record your face swap sessions for more hilarious moments. Unlike other face swap apps, this one switches faces right on a real-time recording. This unique function earns it a spot on our list today.

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Create fun times and enjoy crazy moments with your peers, colleagues, and family with face swap apps. Exciting as they seem these apps are simple, easy and very quick with face editing and swapping functions. Download these apps and tell us which one you prefer. You can also send us your comment.

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