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Facebook Business Page
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Almost one-seventh the world’s population daily engages in the social medium—facebook—and so one does not need a prophet to state the obvious impacts that owning a Facebook page could make for a business. Hence, it is a whole lot of boost for your business and is a step toward taking advantage of the 21st-century technologies in marketing and advertising—social media. Also, it is a step that pays better than marauding aimlessly on the network. More so, with targeted ads, you can get your business only a few clicks away from a whole crowd of individuals who represent the prospective base of clients. Therefore, why not set up a facebook page for your business and start turning your time on Facebook into sales leads.

Facebook Business Page: How to Create One

Once you set up the facebook business page, there are ways to promote it and get it across to a wide base of audience. Without further ado, we would show you 6 steps that you can take in setting up your facebook business page below:

How to Create a Fcaebook Business Page

Step 1: Choose Classification

You can create the facebook business page by logging onto your personal Facebook account. When you do, you would see a drop-down arrow at the top right part of the facebook page. Click it, and then click on “Create Page” from the options that would display.

That action would take you to a page where you can select the nature of the business you are into. You would have to choose from:

  • Local Business or Place
  • Company, Organization, or Institution
  • Brand or Product
  • Artist, Band, or Public Figure
  • Entertainment
  • Cause or Community

So, you would have to make a choice that suits your business well.

Step 2: Information Provision

Next, you would be required to provide some fundamental information that describes your business in better detail for the new page, like the name, industry, address, contact details. For local businesses, this information is mandatory to proceed with page creation.

Step 3: Picture Upload

An engaging and appealing picture for your facebook business page stands a higher chance of fetching you sales leads. As an advice, it would be best to use a picture that highly demonstrates your profession and the work you do. For instance, a restaurant business page could have a picture of great looking healthy dishes. Business logos can also fit well.

You must also bear this in mind when choosing a cover image. It should be attractive and convey much information about your business and the services you render. It should be 828 by 315 pixels. There are web resources like CANVA that can help you get a great cover photo if you have difficulty getting one.

In summary, your photo for the business page should be appealing, should exhibit what your business represents, and should be of high resolution.

Step 4: Advertise Your Page

As soon as you conclude the business page creation steps above, you would get a prompt to invite friends. Use it to spread the word to as many acquaintances and friends as possible, have them know about your page and elevate the followership. By so doing, you would quickly reach prospective clients.

Step 5: Extra Information

At the center of your new business page, you would see a message on how to improve your Facebook page. Click “See All Page Tips”, and where that takes you, you should give as many details as you can. Some required information includes business hours, username, brief description, blog link, and channel to create a group.

Facebook Business Page

Facebook Business Page – Home

Step 6: Use Shortcut Buttons

At the top right part of the page, you would see the “+Add a Button” icon. Click on it and add buttons that your customers can use on your business page to access services quickly. You could add buttons that help them establish contact with you, get more information, a book for your services, make downloads or purchase and even donations. You can improve your site’s traffic to your Facebook business page.

Facebook Business Page

Facebook Business Page Set up

Once you have done these, then congratulations! Your page is up and running. You can customize the page if you wish. Ensure to manage your page by regularly connecting with your followers. It would improve the traffic of your site and get your network widened. There is nothing like advertisements that reach a broad network, and the facebook business page does that for you from the sheets of your bed.

How To Set Up a Facebook Business Page: Conclusion

While the Facebook business page is invaluable for any business that dreams of success, it is not difficult to set up, as you had observed. So if you are a business owner or a startup, my advice for you is: Go For It!

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