10 Best Facial Recognition Apps for Android And iPhone

The facial recognition apps are part of the modern technological advances of our time. Scientist in our world today are making probing research into areas like robotics, architecture and smart interfaces. Also, one of those smart interfaces is where your Smartphone devices come in. For instance, some of these new Smartphones now come with inbuilt facial recognition features that work with an app using a smart interface.

facial recognition apps

This post will give a list of top 10 facial recognition apps you can download for your Android or iOS devices.

  1. True Key

facial recognition appsTrue Key is the first app in this article for facial recognition apps that is sustainable, convenient and efficient to use.  Also, this app has features for accessing your favorites apps without inputting your passwords. The encryption system is reliable. Furthermore, from the simple user interface, you can unlock your phone, go to the file manager, check other apps and more. Finally, this app also permits you to use a fingerprint option, in case you do not want to use facial recognition. It is available on either of your Android or iOS devices.

  1. Face2Gene

face2geneThis app is one of the amazing apps that you can get because it has great quality. Also, this app focuses more on healthcare issues. Therefore, you are not allowed to use it without proper medical supervision. Face2Gene app can detect certain disorders in people, by using only facial recognition on their smartphone. You can consider downloading it for your Android and iOS devices.

  1. BioID

bioIDBioID is a sophisticated facial recognition app. Also, it provides you multifactor user authentication biometrics on your Android or iOS. This app has provision for a mobile client that can connect to BioID to authenticate and detect the user. This app is easy to use. In addition, it has qualities and features that allow you to easily add secure, convenient facial recognition that would make it convenient to use it.

  1. Face Detection and recognition

facial recognition appsFace Detection and recognition app should be in the list of the top facial recognition apps. Some of the reasons include a feature that allows you to unlock your device for games, apps and more. This app is very easy to use and has a simple user interface. Similarly, it is always on the lookout for the user and unlocks your device when it detects your face. In addition, it permits you to use your password when feel like it or the facial recognition system fails.  You can get it for Android or iOS.

  1. LogMe

logmeFacial recognition apps come in different categories. Also, you can hardly find apps with superior quality than the ones in this article. For example, LogMe is an app that allows you to upload an image from your gallery, and the app will automatically crop your face from the image. You can get this app for Android and iOS devices.

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  1. Railer

railerRailer is part of the facial recognition apps that you can use on your Smartphones, either for Android or iOS users. This app allows you to do a lot with its amazing features like the ability to check in and out. You could also get push notifications plus the one-touch facial face recognition feature and more. Try this app now.

  1. FaceApp

faceappFaceApp is one other awesome app that recognizes your face while using it for anything on your Android or iOS devices.  Also, this app surprisingly comes with a lot of features different from the other apps in this article. In addition, it has an amazing user interface that allows you to edit your face and images the way you want it, and to give you a new look.

  1. Face Secret

facial recognition appsFace Secret is another app that is popular among facial recognition apps. This app allows you to get predictions about your marriage and career on your Android or iOS devices. Similarly, this app like Faceapp, allows you to edit your image.  Furthermore, Face Secret app lets you turn an image of yourself into an older version making you look older.

  1. MSQRD

msqrdMSQRD is one of the top quality apps, that is similar to the other amazing facial recognition apps in this article. However, this app has various kinds of features that allow you to edit and add filters to your images. Also, it allows you to save those images you have edited to your gallery and share them with your friends. You can get this app for your Android and iOS devices.

  1. Luxand

facial recognition appsLuxand is an app that is convenient to use as it memorizes the face and image of the user and recognizes it for use later. Also, you can use the facial recognition features at arm’s length. In addition, you can rotate it so that the app can memorize your face from various angles. This app is amazing to use with its unique interface on your Android or iOS devices.


These apps listed above are the best facial recognition apps you could download anytime for your Android and iOS devices. These apps will give you the best features and functions other apps cannot give to you. Why not give them a try today.


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