15 Best Fake Email Generator (Websites And Apps)

Fake email generator is a service set up to protect your real or official email from internet marketers and fraudulent individuals that send unsolicited emails to you or your business. You use these websites to make temporary emails which you can destroy anytime you wish.

fake email generator

In this article:

  • What is a fake email generator?
  • What are the factors for selecting the best fake email generator?
  • List of 15 best fake email generator.

What is a Fake Email Generator?

It is a service that gives you a temporary email address that allows you to receive and send messages like a real email. However, this email ID is destroyed after a short period by the fake email service providers.

What Are the Factors for Selecting the Best Fake Email Generator?

  • the best fake email generators have the necessary facilities to serve their numerous customers
  • they serve you with some degree of responsibility
  • they offer their services free but have a premium package for those who can afford it
  • they generate free emails instantly and they offer you a way to receive and respond to fake emails
  • the length of time you can use and store the temporary fake email addresses ranges from 1 day to 14 days
  • they generate multiple email ids for your use that really works like your real email.

15 Best Fake Email Generator.

1. MailCatch

MailCatch is a fake email generator service provider. Its services are effective and able to prevent spam for its users. MailCatch is a good way of solving problems of spam. It gives you a mailbox which you can use for the short-term for receiving important emails for your business free of charge.

You do not need to login to their website, register, or sign up, to use their fake email generator. They have premium service if you want that option.

In their website, you can create many fake emails, and all of your fake emails will be active to receive and send new emails as if they are real. They have a page for checking for a reply.

Here is a link to their website http://mailcatch.com/

2. GetAirMail

GetAirmail works like mailcatch.com. They offer free short term services that safeguard your real email address from junk mails.  Their fake email generator gives you domain names which they create in a haphazard way, but your emails get to their destinations and you receive replies.

You can pick any domain name and email ids you like without signing up. To learn more, visit their website. Here is their link: http://getairmail.com/

3. MailNesia

MailNesia gives fake email id which you can use to register into any website you don’t trust. They are there to offer email address you need anytime. They help to keep your official email from Internet Marketer who sends junk emails to you.

You are secure using this email address supplier. Here is a link to their website: http://mailnesia.com/

4. Fake Mail Generator

Fake Mail Generator gives you many domain names you can use to make fake email addresses. They offer you their website’s fake email generator to create fake emails and receive replies.

You have up to 10 domain names that you can use for these fake emails. They don’t charge you for their service. Everything is automatic. If you want an email id, pick a domain name and then the fake email generator will give you an email address.

Visit website through this link: http://www.fakemailgenerator.com/

5. EmailFake.com

If you use emailfake.com services, it will protect your official email from spam. Here, you do not need to register. With their fake email generator, you can get a fake email address in a few minutes.

All you need to do is choose a domain and a username you like, to get an email address which you can use for 69 days. You can make new fake emails anytime with their system which is easy to use.

Here is their website to learn more: https://emailfake.com/

6. Dispostable

Dispostable is a fake email generator that helps you to get that fake email you want free of charge. It is easy to use and fast. Individuals rate their services highly.

You can use their emails for whatever you want they are fake but will reach the destination you send it to and get a response too.

Here is the website’s link: http://www.dispostable.com

7. YopMail

YopMail fake email generator is rated among the top performers in that business because of speed and reliability. Here, you can make fake emails to secure your real email. Other benefits include: you do not need to register, your messages stay in their server for 8 days, your inbox is automatic, you don’t need passwords to use them.

The unique thing about your email account in this company is that it is ready for use. Just add a name to an already made email address. For example, add John to @yopmail.com john@yopmail.com.

In YopMail, you do not need to make a fresh email address. Choose a name and add it to @ypmail.com.

Go to the website to learn more: http://www.yopmail.com/en/email-generator.php

 8. Email Generator

Their fake email generator enables you to create countless fake emails which you can use instead of your usual email address.  You do not need to register to use their facility.

They allow you to use the fake email you create through their fake email generator for 139 days. To make a fake email using email creator you must follow two steps.

The website link is: https://generator.email/

9. SpamBog

SpamBog fake email generator gives you 20 domains to use for creating fake email addresses. It is a respected company that gives good services. They are rated among the top service providers.

SpamBog provides you with a level of security to lock your email box with your own password. You are free to log in anytime to check any emails that arrive on the fake email address.

This short-term email address will work as your real email address for a little time. Their website is easy to use. To create an email address, select the “key” sign and pick a domain name you like. You can avoid arbitrary domain names too.

10. ThrowAwayMail

Use ThrowAwayMail fake email generator to make countless fake emails. You don’t need to register to use their website. Any email you make lasts for only 48 hours. You can use the fake email for any need you have. The emails work. You can also receive the response to your email on their website.

Visit the link to learn more: https://www.throwawaymail.com/

11. 10Minute Mail

The name speaks for itself. Their fake email generator gives you a fake email that can only last for 10 minutes. They have a support service to help users. What you need to do is type the email ID you want and you will get it to use free.

10Minute Mail allows you to make many fake emails you need. They give you an inbox but your emails will appear on the homepage of their website where you can open, read and respond to it.

Use their service to secure your real emails from spam emails. Here is their link: http://10minutemail.com

12. Mailinator

Mailinator is an efficient fake email generator tool that works very fast. You can create an account free in minutes and start using the email immediately. You are able to send and receive emails with your fake email account until it is stopped.

Its services are like other fake email generators who allow you to use the email for a short period and you do not have to register or sign in to gain access to their website.

See their link in case you want to learn more: http://mailinator.com

13. GuerrillaMail

GuerrillaMail is a fake email generator is service provider may people prefer. Their service saves your real email from scam messages.

Their website is easy to use and you can create your email id in minutes like all the others in this business. You just have to input the information the system needs to generate an email address.

They allow you to send an attachment of up to 150 megabytes with your email. In addition, they give you 9 seconds to check your fake emails.

Visit them today by link: http://www.guerrillamail.com

14. Anonymous Email

Anonymous email request users to register, fill a form to use the website. They are not as anonymous as their name state. They provide free, quick and reliable fake email solutions.

After registration, you can use their fake email generator to make the number of fake emails you need to secure your personal or business emails from scammers on the web.

Visit the website to learn more: https://securemail.hidemyass.com

15. Outlook.com

Many Individuals love Outlook for their temporary fake email generator ability. You can use their fake emails to protect your primary emails from scammers on the Internet.

In Outlook, you can create five different email addresses but you must sign up to use their website. The company allows you to keep valuable emails for long, and you can use all your email addresses manually.

Visit their website for more information: www.outlook.com


Fake email generator service is a necessary evil that has come to stay on the web. You need them sometimes to secure your personal identity, emails, and business dealings from junk emails. They provide free, quick and reliable fake email solutions which work like your real email.

Choose wisely if you have to do so. Send your feedback to let us know your 15 best fake email generator. Also, you can learn about how to do email marketing to grow your business.

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