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Top 10 Fake GPS Apps for Android And iPhone 2019

Written by Bismark

Global positioning system or GPS is one of the fastest ways to know your device location and the current point you stand on the world map. Fake GPS apps, on the other hand, are spoofer apps that let you hide your current location and get a new virtual location on your smartphone.

best fake gps apps

These Fake GPS apps are used majorly for pranks or privacy purposes, sometimes as a bypass for certain Geo-location based applications. Without delay let’s look at the Top 10 best fake GPS apps (Android/iPhone).

Best Fake GPS Apps for Android and iPhone.

  1. VPNa


Virtual phone navigation app or VPNa is a latest but popular fake GPS app for Android users which allows you to easily change your current location to a virtual one without actually been there. It is easy to use and you can choose from the list of regions and places you want to set your new location. One of the best features of this fake location app is that it allows you to save virtual locations to use them later with a different map style and look. Interesting!.
Download it here: Android | iPhone

  1. Find Location by Magic pocket

Find Location by Magic pocket

Find my location is a fake GPS app that allows it’s users to generate temporary virtual location on iOS devices. It is free and detailed and can be used by both big or small. because of it’s easy navigation details. One of its best features is that it allows users to set your real and temporary location for later use. You can use this feature when you want some privacy or time alone. It’s exclusively for iOS devices. Download it here for iPhone.

  1. Spoofer Go

Spoofer Go

Spoofer go is one of the amazing fake GPS apps known for its ability to change GPS locations. This fake location app is somewhat marvellous, with spoofer go, you can change your location by long pressing your new desired virtual location on the in-built map on the app, thereby extracting a new location for your current one. This transition is done very fast and in no time, it is a paid service for iOS devices. Download it here for iPhone.

4. Fake GPS location by Icubemedia

Fake GPS location

This app has some smart features that give you virtual access to different locations around the world. It also has very simple features that give you bypass access to other Android apps that only opens when a location is turned. You can also share your virtual locations around the world with friends and relatives. It is easy to use, free and fun fake GPS app for iOS devices. Download it here for iPhone.

5. FGL Pro


FGL pro is another free easy to use location changer similar to other Android fake GPS apps. This app provides options with which you can change your personal location or hide your actual location whenever and wherever you need it. One good feature of this GPS app is its ability to share routes with available options like walking, driving and speed change. It is available to Android users only. Download it for Android.

  1. Fake GPS 360

Fake GPS 360

Fake GPS 360 is among other popular fake GPS apps for Android users which lets users change their actual location to a virtual one with ease. You can easily hide your current location and share a new location from around the world to your friends and family. One amazing feature of this artificial GPS app is it allows you to use a new location on your smartphone without having to access your in-built GPS system. Awesome right?
Download it here for Android.

  1. Fake GPS Location Changer

Fake GPS Location Changer

Fake GPS location changer is an absolutely free fake GPS app that’s simple to use and can be used in almost anywhere around the world. Also, it gives access to some GPS dependent apps that need to be synced with a GPS location to function. It has an amazing algorithm by which users can switch their locations to new virtual ones quickly with a joystick. Download it for Android or iPhone.

  1. Fake GPS Location

Fake GPS Location

Fake GPS is a useful app for the Geo-location based apps that probably won’t function without sharing location or turning on your location. It also permits users to change their location easily throughout the world. It’s one of the best fake GPS app 2019. it has an amazing feature to add photos with your new virtual location and save them for later use. Download it for Android or iPhone.

  1. Fake GPS Location by Hola

This Fake GPS location is an app by Hola for Android users. It gives you unlimited fake locations for your smartphone. You can easily make fool of your friends and family by sharing your new virtual location to them using this fake GPS app. It also has options to make new friends on different location-based social media networks. Fake GPS location by Hola is one of the best fake GPS apps. Download it here for Android.

  1. Fake GPS run

Fake GPS run

Fake GPS run is a fake GPS app for android users, it easy to use and allows you to easily teleport your smartphone location anywhere in the world and share it with your friends. You can easily prank your friends and family with this fake GPS app. it’s amazing algorithm can easily get you a new virtual location from absolutely anywhere in the world. Before using this fake GPS app, you have to configure it to have access to many virtual locations. Download it from PlayStore.


All the best fake GPS apps mentioned in this article are tested are trusted applications with top class virtual location services. Whether you just want to change your location just for fun or to prank your friends and relatives, whatever the reason is, this 10 fake GPS apps offer you the all your heart desires when it comes to changing your location temporarily.


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