FCMB Transfer Code for transfering money to other banks

How To Transfer Money From FCMB Bank Account To Other Banks

Learn how to increase your banking experience with FCMB using these easy and quick tutorials. FCMB now has beautiful online packages that enhances your banking experience positively eg. (FCMB transfer code etc). Read more to learn how to transfer money from your FCMB bank account to other banks with without having to leave your comfort zone.

There are various ways to which you can transfer money from your FCMB account with ease but i will show you two easiest ways to do so.

How to transfer Money from FCMB Bank to Other Banks using the FCMB mobile App

The FCMB mobile app is a very good application to transfer funds through. All you require is a smartphone with internet connection and follow this easy steps below:

Steps to register to use the FCMB mobile app

  • Visit any branch of the FCMB bank and obtain an application form, or download the form here
  • Complete the form and return to your FCMB branch
  • At the bank you will be given the FCMB installation file
  • click to install on your phone
  • you will be sent by email your registration file containing your virtual card, expiration date and default pin)
  • register the details on your phone (save them)
  • you will be sent a text confirming your successful registration
  • Go to your app store download the FCMB mobile app
  • Register using your registration information
  • and then you are all set


Steps to transfer funds using the FCMB mobile app

  • Log in to your FCMB mobile app
  • Navigate to transfer funds
  • follow the instructions to fill the amount and recipients account details and submit
  • its all easy ans straightforward

Other features of the FCMB mobile app

  • Airtime Recharge
  • Bills payment
  • Balance Enquiry and mini statement request
  • Find FCMB ATM and branches around you etc.

How to use the FCMB Transfer Code to Transfer Money

Apart from the FCMB mobile app, you can also send money via your phone without internet  connection. All you require is the phone listed and connected to your FCMB account, the rest is easy, just follow these easy steps to master the codes involved in this process

How to register for the FCMB USSD code feature

  • Enter *389*214# on your mobile phone
  • A message prompt will appear on your screen requesting you choose your activation method (Activate with card, account or Mwallet)
  • Enter your account number
  • Visit any branch of FCMB to generate your PIN
  • Dial  *389*241# on your phone, and click security. Select to change PIN, enter your default PIN (given to you by the bank) and enter your new PIN
  • After registration subsequently use *389*214# to do all transactions

How to transfer funds on the FCMB USSD transfer code service

  • Dial *384*241#
  • follow the prompt that will be shown on your screen, its all easy.

Other uses of FCMB USSD transfer code  service

  • Airtime Recharge
  • Bills payment
  • Balance Enquiry and mini statement request
  • Find FCMB ATM and branches around you etc.

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I do hope with the help of this tutorial, all your banking activities will become much better. Do you require more help, on how the FCMB Transfer code and mobile app transfer service works, kindly place a comment below.

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