Fidelity Bank online banking

Fidelity Bank Online Banking: How To Get Started

Would you love to learn how to use the Fidelity online banking platform to enhance all your transactions? Well, read on, I will show you all the juicy benefits and how to use this platforms. Fidelity Bank online banking platform is an innovative platform designed to enhance all your banking needs and desires. You can now make all transactions and control your Fidelity Bank account from any location of your choice at any time in the day.

fidelity online banking registration guide
Fidelity bank Internet banking platform

Features Of The Fidelity Online Banking Platform

  • Account statement: You can easily view your current account balance and even view all past transactions up to about 3 months back. You can even request an account statement on this platform.
  • Transfer funds: All transfers of funds are now made more conveniently, you no longer need to visit the bank to do so. You can now transfer funds to other fidelity bank accounts and also other banks in Nigeria.
  • Bill Payment: you can also pay utility bills such as DStv bills, Electricity bills and so on.
  • Airtime Purchase: you can also recharge your phone and those of your loved ones directly from the platform. All these and more can be done through the Fidelity Bank internet banking platform.

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How to Register for Fidelity Bank online banking platform

You can register for the Fidelity Bank online banking platform through two different options. You can either visit any branch office of the Fidelity Bank and register to have access to this platform or you can register here online by following the steps below:

  • Visit the Fidelity Bank website
  • Navigate down the page and click on ” New account? Register here
  • Validate your identity by entering your account number
  • A code will thus be sent to the phone number linked to your bank account to ensure that it is your bank account
  • You will also be required to select a desired username and password
  • Next, create a set of security questions and answers to be used in case you lose your password.
  • Next, you are required to download the Fidelity bank soft token mobile app and configure your account to it. You can download the Fidelity bank soft token from your app store.

Nice to Know

You can start making transactions on the Fidelity Bank online page without downloading the Fidelity bank soft token. But in order to access the funds’ transfer feature, you have to download this token as it is Fidelity Bank’s way of securing all your transactions and ultimately your bank account.

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You can also use the Fidelity Bank hard token ( a manual device that also performs this same functions). All you have to do is either visit your Fidelity Bank branch office or send an email to to make a request.

fidelity bank online banking
The fidelity bank hard token device

The Fidelity online banking platform is a very secure and smart way to up your game. You would never go wrong by tapping into this package.

Do not forget to send us a comment if you need more instructions and share so all your loved ones can also tap into this.

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