Fidelity Bank Transfer Code

How To Transfer Money From Fidelity Bank Account To Other Banks

This post should guide you on how to use the Fidelity Bank transfer code to transfer money to other banks in Nigeria.

Learn more about how to up your game and join the smarter party of people enjoying unlimited and stress free banking methods just by reading this post.

Fidelity Bank Transfer Code

Do you still visit Fidelity Bank each time you wish to make a withdrawal or transfer money or funds to your friends and family? Do you have to still take all the stress involved. Why not join the winning crowd. Fidelity Bank now offers you new and easy ways to enhance your banking.

Fidelity Bank Transfer Code (USSD) features

The money transfer code feature is a great new service offered to all Fidelity bank account holders and can be accessed 24 hours daily.

How to get started

  • Dial *770# on your phone.
  • Select 1 from the on-screen command.
  • You will be asked to enter your fidelity bank account number.
  • Next thing is to create your 4-digit PIN  to authorize transactions.
  • You can now start enjoying the Fidelity Bank USSD code feature.

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To transfer money to any account, simply dial *770*Account*Amount# and  Follow the on-screen command and input your 4-digit PIN to complete transaction. It is so easy.

Limitations of the Fidelity Bank Mobile USSD feature

  • Your daily recharge limit is N20,000 daily
  • Your maximum daily transfer limit is N200,000

Other Benefits of the Fidelity bank USSD feature

  • Pay your Bills with ease
  • Change your PIN
  • Balance Enquiry
  • Update your BVN
  • Block all stolen cards
  • Choose SMS and email alerts feature

Using the Fidelity Bank mobile app

The fidelity mobile app is another awesome and beautiful way to make all your financial transactions. All you require to access this app is a smartphone and access to the internet.

How to activate and download the Fidelity mobile app

  • Download the Fidelity Mobile app from PlayStore for Android Users, Download from Apple store for iPhone users. For Blackberry users, click here to download from your respective app store.
  • Click on the Sign-up button
  • Fill in the required information and submit
  • An OTP will be sent to your mobile phone (registered to your account) containing your Fidelity bank account number
  • Follow the onscreen prompt after this.
  • The next step would be to visit any branch of Fidelity bank closest to you to complete your activation.
  • Or you can simply use your Fidelity ATM card to finalize the process.

Fidelity Bank Transfer Code

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How to use the Fidelity bank mobile app to transfer funds

  • Launch your application and click on the “Send money” button
  • Fill in the recipients information and wait for account confirmation
  • Fill in the amount and your 4 digit PIN code and click “submit”
  • Once successful, you will be notified instantly.

Other benefits of using the Fidelity bank mobile app

  • Explore and access all the accounts you operate (Fixed Deposit, Savings Account, Current Account etc)
  • Pay for airtime easily
  • Pay all bills
  • Repay for the use of your Fidelity Credit Card.
  • Make payments for flight services both internationally and locally.
  • Access Fidelity Bank branches easily and locate ATM services
  • You can even use the Fingerprint authentication feature for maximum security.

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The Fidelity bank applications enhance all your banking experiences to the maximum  and ensures you work smarter and safer. I am glad you now know how to use the Fidelity Bank Transfer code to transfer money to other banks. I hope this feature works for you. Please if you need any more information, kindly place a comment below.

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