Final Cut Pro free download

Final Cut Pro Free Download for Windows And Mac

You can download Final Cut Pro free for Windows & Mac Operating System. So if you need a powerful video editor that you can use especially for the macOS, you can try Apple’s Final Cut Pro free trial. So, what is Final Cut Pro?  Final Cut Pro is a professional video editing software that was created solely for macOS users. Final Cut Pro will not run on Windows. So, don’t try to get the free trials for your Windows OS. The application has great tools that editors can use to create spectacular videos. These awesome tools are filters, motion graphics, and special effects and so on. You can also use Final Cut Pro to edit 360-degree videos for VR as well as real-time VR headset.

Besides, you can import and work with video, audio, and still-image formats in Final playback mode. This is to find out how the changes you want to make works in the place you want to use them. Also, with its advanced technology, you can use it to work with the most recent CPUs and graphics processors that run on the newest Mac Devices. And users can leverage this capability, to edit videos effortlessly and release first-class outputs. Moreover, you can try the software, without entering your credit card details. So, follow the steps below to get final cut pro free.

Final Cut Pro Free Download for Windows and Mac

Final Cut Pro free download

System requirements

Final Cut Pro X works in a Mac with macOS 10.13.6 or older, 4GB of RAM (8GB recommended for 4K editing, 3D titles, and 360° video editing), OpenCL-capable GPU graphics card or Intel HD Graphics 3000 or later, 256MB of VRAM (1GB recommended for 4K editing, 3D titles, and 360° video editing), 3.8GB of available disk space. See the details, of minimum system requirements.

The steps you can take to get Final Cut Pro free

  1. First, visit apple website or click this link
  2. And when the page opens, enter your name and last name, plus email address.
  3. Accept the Apple privacy policy by clicking the button. Also, click on the location button.
  4. And then click on the Download Free Trial button. Final Cut Pro X download free trial
  5. And instantly you will see a 2.8-gigabyte dmg file on your computer screen.
  6. Next, save the 2.8-gigabyte dmg file on your mac computer.
  7. That is how to download Final Cut Pro free software on your Mac.

Installation of the Final Cut Pro free software

  1. To install, first open the disk image, and double-click on the installer package. And, follow the installation guide throughout the process.
  2. Also, when you see “Install Type option”, you can use it to modify what to install such as motion, Soundtrack Pro, DVD Studio Pro by ticking on the boxes. And then click on the “Continue” button.
  3. Next, a new window will open for you to change the location of the installation path if you want to. If not, proceed and click on the “install” button.
  4. Also, type in Administrator password and click on the “Install Software” button.
  5. At this point, the installation will take a new turn and you will see another window below.
  6. When the software completes writing the files into your system, the installation of Final Cut Pro is successful.
  7. Next, go to “Finder” and then to “Applications” to open the installed Final Cut Pro software.
  8. That is how to install your final cut pro free trial software.

Final Cut Pro X features

Here are some of its brilliant features.

  • Moving & Trimming Clips as you do edit
  • It has HDR Video Support
  • You can use Multi-cam Editing
  • Creating Effects
  • Capable of VR Headset Playback
  • Advanced Color Grading
  • The final cut pro free trial will enable you to do Presets and 360 Degree VR Editing
  • Ability to manage Asset
  • It has Motion Graphics Templates
  • Use Many Plug-Ins

Final Cut Pro features

Media formats the app supports

You can import and work with video and audio. In addition, you can work with still-image formats in the Final Cut Pro application. However, to get the full list, click here.

Final Cut Pro Pricing Plans:

  1. Free trial: Your free trial will end 30 days after you launch the application for the first time.
  2. Final Cut Pro costs USD$299 one-time payment for a subscription.
  3. And Final Cut Pro has only one enterprise pricing license for all users at $299 and you need to pay once.

Where can you buy a subscription when the 30-day trial expires?

Final Cut Pro X is there for you to buy from the Mac App Store. You can also get Final Cut Pro X, if you buy the Pro Apps Bundle for Education, which includes Final Cut Pro X, Motion, Compressor, Logic Pro X, and MainStage.


In this post, I explained how you can get the Final Cut Pro free download for Windows & Mac. You can get the download by a free trial for 30 days. But, this software is exclusively for Mac users and does not work in the Windows operating system. You can try the software without entering your credit card details. Get the trial now.


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