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choosing a career in information technology
Written by Abe Cherian

Information technology is currently a major driver of the economy in Africa and is expected to grow rapidly along with infrastructure. That’s good news for anyone with a degree in technology or anyone who wants to take courses to better learn about it, as there will be jobs to fill.

choosing a career in information technologyYour IT knowledge can help you both protect your Facebook account and land you a great career in a variety of fields. Many of the jobs are not only expected to be in high demand but lucrative as well.

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Web Design

For those with a dual interest in art and technology, web design utilizes advanced technical knowledge and artistic capability to build a functional and aesthetically pleasing website from scratch. It’s also a very accessible skill to learn, with many different options for courses and classes available in Africa. While there are many DIY website tools, there’s also a large amount of demand in web design. Many people offer their own services and make a nice living off of it.

Careers in Coding

Many people have built coding careers by simply practicing in their free time and taking online courses. If you’re someone who likes understanding how things work and taking them apart piece by piece, only to put them back together, then coding might be for you. Many people even become freelance coders and do all of their work from home or when they travel. But others prefer having a steady job, and there are no shortages of possible directions with coding knowledge. You can be anything from a database administrator, to a computer programmer, to a software developer. Software developers are one of the most in-demand jobs in Nigeria.

Video Games

Maybe your ideal career involves working with video game developers to craft the games you love. Well, a computer science degree will net you a job in video game careers as well. Video games are a very popular field of entertainment, netting around $138 billion a year. There are many different positions to consider – software designer, audio engineer, or technical support specialist, but a general knowledge of technology can get your foot into all of those doors.

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If you’re looking for a safe degree, or if you’re genuinely interested in a career in technology, you can rest easy knowing there are plenty of options. Technology is a booming industry with large annual growth and more jobs expected to pop up as technology advances further. Learning to code, build programs, or design websites are just a few possibilities in the vast field of technology.

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