10 Best Fire Screen Apps for Android Phones

Have you ever heard of Fire screen apps before? probably not. These are fire simulator apps, that create realistic fire flames on most Android devices. They are designed to creatively make your phone look like it was burning, with raging fire at the top of the phone screen.

Fire Screen Apps

Some of these mobile apps contain exclusive fire themes, that helps to decorate and design your phone screen and apps background. Also, these apps will give you a great Android screen experience. Wait! Before you go searching for these apps, let’s quickly discuss a few of them.

In this post, is a list of the 10 best fire screen apps for Android, that can help improve your Android screen Fire experience.

10 Best Fire Screen Apps (Android)


  1. Interesting Magic Fire Screen App

fire screen apps-Interesting magic fire screen

Interestingly, you can now generate 3D virtual fire on your smartphone screen. This app contains realistic 3D flame effect and real flame sounds for the best fire screen experience on the Android phone. Also, you can use this fire simulator app like a prank tool and a memorable item for some of the best social events. You can download it on the PlayStore now for free.

  1. Fire Screen

Fire Screen apps

With a measurable download rate on the PlayStore. This fire simulator earns a place today on our list. It has a user-friendly interface. All you need to do is install and open the app, touch the phone screen to access real fire effects and sounds. Also, this app will also work as a great Fire prank app.

  1. Fire (Prank)

fire screen apps-Fire Screen (Prank)

With millions of satisfied users and good ratings on the Android app store. This fire screen app is one of the best fire screen apps, available to Android devices. Also. you can generate virtual 3D fires when you touch your smartphone screen, anywhere and at any time. In addition, it also has cool features like a transparent overlay and real fire effects.

  1. Fire Screen App

fire screen apps

Easily generate realistic fire flames and burning screen effects on your Android device with this mobile app. You can make fire flames when you place your fingers on your phone screen, while this app is open. Furthermore, you have options to change flame size and sound in the app. You can download it from the PlayStore now to enjoy with your friends.

  1. Fire Screen Prank (Android) App

Fire screen Prank App

Unlike other fire screen apps, with this app, you can both touch and shout at your smartphone screen for the best realistic fire flames and sounds on your android smartphone. Options to customize fire screen effects and fire size are available on this fire simulator app. Download it now on Android.

  1. Fire screen (Android) App

Fire screen (Android) App

Create amazing fire effects on your phone screen now. Furthermore, with this fire screen app, you can easily generate real fires and flames, just by moving your fingers around your phone screen. You can also feel fire bolts around your hand as you move them across the screen. Try out this app on the PlayStore now.

  1. Fire Screen Simulated App

Fire Screen Simulated App

Download this fire screen app today, to generate virtual 3D fires anywhere you want, with set timer options as to when it will extinguish. In addition, you have cool options like background choice color and transparent background mode in the app. Download this app now from the PlayStore to experience real fire flames.

  1. Screen App for Android

Fire Screen App for Android

Available to Android devices alone. This app is notably among the best fire screen apps on the Android platform. It uses a high graphical quality system and adds natural motion and image to virtually generated 3D fires. In addition, it has timing options for the fire to show up and when it will fade out. Also, amazing fire effects are on this fire simulator app.

  1. Fire Screen Prank (Android) App

Prank (Android) App

Another fire simulator app that can simulate fire burning effects on your screen, is fire screen prank. Unlike other fire screen apps, it has unique features. You can generate fire flames by blowing on the microphone or touching the phone screen. Also, it has a cool fire burning animations and sounds, with very beautiful live fire wallpapers. In addition, it has options like fire size and brightness that you can change or customize to suit your mood. Download it on an Android phone.

  1. Phone Screen Effect


Probably one of the best fire screen apps featured on our list today. This app is a great fire simulator for smartphone devices. It also displays realistic flame animation for your phone screen, with interface options like background color choice and a transparent background mode. In addition, you can set a Fire in and out Timer on the app. Download app now from the PlayStore for the best fire experience.


If you are looking for easy and interesting ways to make your phone screen sparkle and light up with real fire flames? The above-listed fire screen apps are perfect for the task. They generate and give a realistic feeling of burning fire, with additional effects to improve your Android screen experience. Users can also pull amazing fire pranks with these apps.


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