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How to Register for FirstBank Internet Banking

first bank internet banking procedure
Written by Abe Cherian

No doubt, internet banking is the best ways to do fast transactions these days using your computer or any internet enabled device. To make faster transactions like sending or receiving money, paying off bills, recharging of phones etc is now possible online. Recently, we shared procedures on how to use the GTB Internet banking service. Today, we’ll be showing you how to use the First Bank Internet Banking service easily. Now here are the procedures to register for the First Bank Online Banking service.

first bank internet banking

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First Bank Internet Banking Registration Procedure

  1. Visit any of their nearest branches and request for the First Bank Online banking form.
  2. Complete the form accurately and submit it along with a copy of your Government issued ID card such as your Driver’s License, International Passport or Voter’s card etc.
  3. After filling the form (First Bank Online Banking), your Login details will be sent to the email you provided instantly.
  4. Now with your credentials, you can now Login to the First Bank internet banking portal through their website.
  5. Correctly enter your login details once you are on the portal and start transacting.

This is very simple. Isn’t it?

first bank online banking procedure

Now you are advised to change your default password to something more unique before you even start your transactions. To do this, follow this 3 simple steps:

How to Change Your First Bank Online Banking password

  1. While still on the portal, locate and click on the link (Change password).
  2. Choose an Alpha-numeric password (which mean a password with the combination of alphabets, numbers and special characters).
  3. Select and answer any of the provided security questions from the list. This will enable you to recover your password in case it’s forgotten.
  4. Finally, you will have to confirm your email address and you’ll be done.

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