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How To Transfer Money From Your First Bank Account To Other Banks

This simple guide contains ways to send money from Your First Bank account to other banks using the First Bank transfer code and other simple methods.

Do you always have to visit the First bank branch office each time you wish to make a transaction? Well, you don’t have to visit the bank each time you have to deposit or transfer money. All you need do is understand these simple instructions, I will show you. It is all easy, just follow it step by step, I will show you the different ways you can transfer money from your First bank account to other accounts (both intrabank and inter-bank).

First Bank USSD Code

First Bank Nigeria Plc offers its customers the unique and secure advantage of beautiful banking platforms which uplift and broadens your banking and financial experience. You can now do all your financial transactions from the comfort of your home through their internet banking platform, Mobile banking and rest of them. From checking your BVN to sending and receiving money, you don’t need to visit the bank each time you have a transaction to make.

There are about three major ways in which you can up your banking experience but for this articles sake, I will be showing you two beautiful and easy ways.

How to use the First bank Mobile App

The first bank mobile app is a good application to use when making financial transactions. It provides a convenient means to make all transactions with ease from your smartphone.

How to Register For First Bank Mobile Banking

  • Download the First bank app (FirstMobile) app from your app store. (You can download it from PlayStore or from the iOS Store if you are an iPhone user).
  • Launch the app and click Register
  • Enter your debit card details (either Verve card or Mastercard)
  • An OTP will be sent to your phone (The phone registered to your bank account)
  • Enter the OTP code
  • Create a 5 digit code which will be your password
  • Create two security codes and answer them
  • You are also to create a personalize Pin to help confirm all your transactions
  • Click done, and start using, You are all good to go

How to transfer funds using the First bank mobile app

  • Launch the app and log in
  • Navigate the menu button and click “transfer money”
  • select the bank you wish to transfer to
  • Enter the recipients account details
  • Enter your 4 digit pin to confirm your transaction
  • You will receive a confirmation message

Other Features of the First bank Mobile App

  • Bills payment
  • You can book flights
  • Balance inquiry and account statement
  • confirm cheque and stop cheque etc.

The First bank transfer code (USSD)

The First Bank transfer code (USSD) system is yet another beautiful way to ease off all your banking needs. The good thing about it is that it works on all mobile phones and does not require an internet connection. The only thing you need is the Phone number listed or registered to your First Bank account.

first bank transfer code

How to use the First bank USSD code to transfer funds to other banks

It is very easy,   just dial *894*Amount*Account number# to transfer

The good thing about this code is that its the same for sending money to both accounts in the First Bank and other accounts in other banks in Nigeria.

There are also other things you can do using the First bank Transfer code (USSD) feature.

  • You can recharge airtime for yourself and others
  • Balance inquiry and statement of account
  • And so much more

How to apply to start using the First Bank transfer code (USSD)

  • Dial *894*0# (Ensure it is the registered number)
  • All your debit cards  numbers linked to your account will be displayed
  • Select the preferred debit card
  • Enter the 4 digit pin for the selected card (your ATM pin)
  • Create a new 5 digit Pin for your mobile banking
  • Your number will now be registered for the First bank USSD banking feature
  • Go ahead and start using the code to transfer funds to other bank accounts

The First Bank mobile app and the USSD code feature are two great ways to enhance your banking experience and ensure you work smartly. You can choose whichever works for you or you can use both services, it is your choice and it is entirely free.

I do hope these instructions do work for you. If you have any questions, do place a comment below, let us talk about it. If you do want to know about the third banking option, do click here to learn about First banks internet banking platform.

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