How Firstmonie Works

Firstmonie is a mobile banking service introduced by First Bank. This Firstmonie platform allows you to make easy transactions from your comfort zone. This service allows easy access to services you would have naturally visited the bank to process.

How Firstmonie Works.

The Firstmonie platform allows you to easily pay bills, make airtime purchases, sending funds and receiving them without using your bank account.

How the Firstmonie works

All you need to access the First bank First monie service is your mobile phone number.  Your mobile number will serve as your account service platform and in addition, you do not need to have a First bank account prior to this application. Your mobile number will be your form of an e-wallet.

Another beautiful thing about this service is that it works on all networks no matter your service provider.


How to register for the Firstmonie service.

Registering for the FirstMonie platform is very easy and requires only a few details. You can simply register for Firstmonie service by dialling the code *894# on your mobile device to get started. Alternatively, You can register through an internet enabled devices such as phone or a computer. All you need do is simply visit their webpage through this link.

Next, provide the information listed below and then you are all set to start using

  • Mobile operator and number
  • First name and last name
  • Mother’s maiden name
  • Gender, Date of Birth, and Nationality.

Transactions that can be done Using Firstmonie.

This service allows you access to a variety of options, some of them includes the following:

  • An easy way to fund, access and check your other bank accounts no matter the bank
  • An easy way to purchase airtime
  • Awesome platform to make cash withdrawals at Any First Bank outlets and agents nationwide
  • Ability to make cardless withdrawals at any ATM
  • An easy way to pay all bills such as Cable TV bills and government-issued bills and tax
  • Ability to make POS transactions
  • A very good platform that allows you to transfer money easily for many accounts to any other bank account or better still, a Nigerian mobile number
  • It’s also a great way to make all your online shopping needs

How to Fund your Firstmonie Account.

Your Firstmonie account is simply your phone number but in this case, it will serve as some sort of virtual “bag” to which you can put money easily and then make transfers or whatever other transactions while using just this “bag”. To fund your Firstmonie account, you can do so easily in two ways:

  • Firstmonie Agent: This involves using a teller, an agent ID number, your phone number and the cash amount of what you wish to transfer. As soon as you hand the cash and teller to the teller agent, the money will be transferred to your Firstmonie account. This you can confirm by the SMS confirmation that will be sent to you. To find your agent, you can quickly check through here.
  • First Bank ATM: This method involves the use of your ATM card and PIN as usual. Once you have inserted the card and entered your PIN, the next thing to do is select “send phone“. You will be required to next pick your mobile number followed by the amount you wish to send to your wallet. Next select “proceed” and then you are done.

How to download the Firstmonie App.

The Firstmonie service is not just available as a service through your phone number alone, it is also available as a mobile app. The app is available in Apple, Blackberry and Android store.

What about First monie Social Media Contact:

To contact your Firstmonie customer care, you can easily do so through their Twitter or Facebook page.

The Firstmonie app is a great application, it is simple to use and very it’s a friendly platform. You can enjoy the very best of this app by following the easy steps outlined above. I do hope it works really great for you. Do share with us your experiences on using this service, we would love to hear from you.

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