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FL Studio free download for Windows and Mac

Are you asking if you can get FL Studio free download? Then the answer is YES! This application is a digital audio software that professionals and amateurs use. It was developed by Image-Line, a Belgian company. The trial version of the software lasts for 7 days. During this period, newbies get to learn how to use it to get the desired results. Whether you are using a Windows or MAC operating system, you can get this software and use it to its full capabilities.

FL is a very popular application among EDM and hip hop producers. It has every feature and function useful for recording quality audio all in one package. It is used to compose, record, arrange, edit, mix and master quality audio for consumption. FL Studio is one of the world’s leading digital applications and millions of artists use it.

Read on to get more insight into the software to consider purchasing its full rights.

Features of FL Studio

You get access to lots of features when you decide to go for FLStudio free download. Below are some of the features:

  • Customizable Toolbar
  • Creating a range of arrangements in a specific project
  • Graph Editor
  • Mini-preview Scroll bar
  • Availability of Audio Unit
  • Exporting 24-bit WAVs
  • Previews (You can see your waveforms when tracking)
  • Group Think
  • Stock Plugins
  • Step Sequencer
FL Studio Producer Editon
FL Studio Producer Editon 1
FL Studio
FL Studio Producer Edition 2

What Benefits will I get if I Download FL Studio for free

There are great benefits you get to enjoy when you get FL Studio free download or purchase it. First, it has a very easy to use interface. You do not have to encounter any difficulty navigating your way through the software. The interface is stylishly designed in such a way that even amateurs will understanding it easily. It is also set up in a way that it has a free lifetime update. If you purchase an older version of this program, it will automatically update to a newer version as soon as it is released without any extra cost whatsoever. This tops the list of its benefits as software companies rarely offer updates without any charges.

The organizational techniques, layouts, color coding, and plug-ins of FL Studio are very impressive. The workspace is customized in such a way that it is attractive to look at. There are unlimited tools available for editing and producing audio. These quick tools let you put professional touches on projects very fast and efficiently. It is the most flexible program you can choose for your audio whether you are an amateur or an expert.

There are so many tutorials online that will help you with FL Studio free download so that you can become familiar with the program. According to reviews, it has one of the best Piano Roll in the musical industry. Lastly, there is a mobile version of FL Studio that you can use to make music.

Hardware/ Software Requirements of FL Studio

There are certain requirements that must be met. To run FL Studio effectively, make sure you have Windows 8.1, Windows 10, MAC 10.13.6, or any later version. The system must have a disk space of 4GB and also a RAM of 4 GigaByte. However, a higher RAM or hard disk will also work perfectly. It won’t work with an ARM processor. FL is compatible with any operating system.

How to get FL Studio free Download

Now that you know lots of details, you can proceed to FL Studio free download. First, you need to go to their official website. Then scroll down and click on the big orange button that says “Download Trial”. Another interface will pop up on your screen. Here you will see options for Windows or MAC trial installer. Click on the big arrow beside the OS you are using at the moment.

Your download should start any moment from now. When it completes, double click on the exe. file. Then proceed to run and install it on your PC. Follow the necessary instructions so that the program will install on your computer. After the process completes, the FL Studio free trial will open automatically on your system. Now you can use it for the next seven days till your trial period elapses.

Pricing & Plans of FL Studio

FL Studio has different pricings and packages. The full song & extra plug-in bundle is $299, full song & mic recording is $199, basic melody & loop creation is $99, and to unlock the complete access is $737. These bundles come in different packages and offer different functions. You can check more details.


Finally, you now know what to do to get FL Studio free download. The main purpose of a trial version is to use the program and decide on whether you want it or not. When you legally purchase the program, you get the license key and have full rights to it.


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