How to design flyer in CorelDraw

How to design flyer in CorelDraw

Have you been searching for ways on how to design a flyer? Whether you are a CorelDraw beginner or advance user, this flyer design tutorial will really give you an idea of how flyers are designed in CorelDraw. Of course, flyer designs come in various formats which starts with the shapes, sizes, colours and the images generally. To start designing your flyer, the following requirements has to be met.

Flyers Design Requirements

  1. Computer – You will need either a laptop or a desktop computer
  2. Mouse (recommended for beginners if using laptop).
  3. CorelDraw software – You’ll need any of these versions of CorelDraw (Coreldraw 12, CorelDraw x3 or 13, X7 X8 and above). In this tutorial, I’ll be using CorelDraw x3 for demonstration. Other versions can also solve the same problem. Wondering where to buy the software? You can grab a copy from any software shop around you or at least get a Trial version from the CorelDraw website here. If everything has been put in place, let’s get started.

Tutorial: How to create a flyer in CorelDraw x3, x4 x7 and above

Before we begin this tutorial properly, I would like you to study the sketch below.

the layouts for the flyer

I drew four (4) separate boxes for different content in the sketch above.

The first shape is going to contain all the objects which include all the other shapes and image for the flyer.

The second shape at the top of the major container, should contain the contact information (Address, Website, Email and phone number) of the flyer design.

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Now guess what the third shape is going to be used for? This will just have some contents for the reader to better understand the message the flyer is conveying. You can also add some call-to-action words there as well. The last box is simply for other contents like the company slogan. Like me, you may choose to add some social media accounts there.

  • How to Create A Flyer Design – step by step

  1. Setting the size: On the page property bar, choose “A5” from the list of sizes.flyer design tutorial in coreldraw
  2. With your pick tool, double click the rectangular tool to automatically insert the shape to your drawing page.
  3. Use your rectangular tool to draw a box across the main box (See Image below). Now, adjust the shape until the sides fit into the first shape. Give the shape a black colour. To do this, click the shape, click black colour from your swatch which can be found at the right hand side of the screen.
  4. Use your Text tool to type the contact information and arrange them the way they are arrange below. Give the text a white colour or any colour of your choice.

flyer design tutorial for beginners


  • Importing your Image

At this point, we’ll need the image you intend to use for this flyer and some Call to Action words. To import your image, press Ctrl + I on your keyboard or click “File” from your menu bar click on “Import” to open the Import dialog box. Use the dialog box to locate and select the image you want to use and click Import button then press Enter on your keyboard to drop the image.

It is time to Power-clip your image into the major box. Power-clipping simply means putting an object into a shape.

  1. Click the image then Effects on the Menu bar.
  2. Click PowerClip and choose Place inside Container
  3. Use the Thick Arrow to point and click on the main box to powerclip.
  4. If you’re not comfortable with how it appears, adjust the image by right clicking the main shape and click Edit content (CorelDraw X3). But if you’re using corel Draw X4, click Edit powerClip.
  5. Adjust the image to your taste and right click anywhere outside the box and choose finish editing content from the list of option.

Note: the video above isn’t mine but it will help you.

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Use the text tool to type (LET’S GROW) and also type (YOUR BUSINESS WITH YOU ONLINE) separately. Give them separate color, different sizes and arrange them as the one below .flyer design tutorial in coreldraw

  1. Draw a Circle with your Ellipse tool and give it a cyan color then type your desired discount and also give it a white colour and arrange them as seen in the finished jobs.
  2. Use the text tool and type the content you wish to place on the yellow box. You may use any color of your choice and arrange it as shown.
  3. Type your company’s slogan or add something else to the final shape in the footer. In my own case, I decide to use my social media accounts.

Congratulations! Your final result should look like this:

flyer design tutorial and templateShould you need the raw flyer design tutorial, you may request for it in the comment box below.
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