10 Best Football Apps For Android And iPhone

There are thousands of live scores and football news sites that give real and sometimes fake or rumoured football updates.  As much as these, websites are great to use and may give detailed information, I think it is much better to have a good mobile app on all football matters. With this thought in mind, we’ve comprehensively researched and listed 10 best football apps, for you to use at your own convenience.football app

These mobile apps will provide you with all the necessary soccer news like match scores, match stats, team analysis, fixtures and general football tips for real players. Also, frequent updates on the latest football news and trends are available on these mobile platforms. Without delay, let’s quickly check out 10 of the best football apps available for Android and iOS users respectively.

10 Best Football Apps For Android And iPhone

  1. ESPN – Football App

football app-ESPN

Espn is one of the biggest football brands worldwide, not only as a sports channel. But, also has an amazing sports app. It provides mobile users with live updates of all sporting events and activities globally, with fast access to the latest football news, on different teams, players, coaches, fans and many more.

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  1. MLS: Major League Soccer App

football app-MLS: Major League Soccer

MLS provides relevant and first-hand information on all soccer information, regarding your favorite teams their league competition and tournament matches. It also provides mobile users with major notification news and update on live matches, schedules, and standings. App also has provisions to customize setting in order to get a specific news alert on specific teams.

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  1. FotMob – Live Football Scores

FotMob - Live Football Scores

FotMob offers one of the best ways to follow up on the latest football matches, club news, leagues fixtures and many more. With this application, you can also follow your favorite team, and keep up with important details like their upcoming matches, standings and TV schedules. It is absolutely free and very easy to use. However, in-app purchases are included.

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  1. FIFA

football app-FIFA - Tournament, Football News & Live Scores

As it regards the latest news on all the Big tournaments in the world, the FIFA Football app has got you covered. It is, in fact, the father of all football apps. This world match centre as I love to call it brings you all the necessary and important details on over 197 league competitions around the world. The FIFA app was designed to also focus on international fixtures too. Also, this app supplies you relevant information on overall international rankings, news, and statements from professionals.

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  1. UEFA Champions League

UEFA Champions League - Football App

Ever heard of the popular European Tournament called the Champions League? Probably not, well if you’re a good follower of football matches and leagues, you might have probably heard of it. The UEFA champions league app provides mobile football lovers around the world updates and regarding the UEFA champions league. In addition, users can customize the news feed they get to a specific or particular point.

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  1. All Football App

All Football

All football app plays a great role in the life of mobile football lovers around the world. It provides them live football scores, videos, and transfer news. Also, users can watch highlights of their favorite team matches, with options to follow whichever team or league they find interesting. All football app is definitely the home of mobile football.

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  1. OneFootball App


Onefootball is considered one of the most trusted football apps for all information about football like football news, club, and team updates, fixtures, leagues and different tournaments. Also, in this app, users can have access to standing results of different leagues, live scores, line-ups and match analysis. In addition, using this app is more like watching it, because you’ll never miss a thing.

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  1. 365 Scores

365 Scores: Sport Scores Live

Hello there, Did you know that 365 scores were originally designed to help you easily access live footballing events like you were seated there? Also, with this app, you can get insights into specific team performances, match analysis and statistics, live scores and many more. Additional options to customize your news feed regarding specific teams and leagues and even tournaments are also included. This is one of the best football apps in the world.

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  1. Stats Zone

Stats Zone - Football Zone

iOS users are exclusively lucky to have this one on their list today. This is because stats zone is much more than just a footballing app. Also, it a mobile football magazine, with important sports information, on your favourite team, leagues, and tournaments. In addition, you can get a deep analysis of specific individual performances of different football players on the app. Get it for your iOS device now.

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  1. Forza Football App

Forza Football App

With this mobile football app, users can choose specific teams and major leagues, they want to get a notification, and channel their news feedback towards that route. An in-app forum for fans, online polling events and opinions was also added to the on the app. In addition, just like other football apps, Forza is simple and is easy to use for amateur football lovers. You can also join your team’s fanbase groups from this app.

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In conclusion, whether it is football matches you are passionate about or individual player skills, football app has got you covered on all ends. Never miss a news update or match analysis and statistics with these apps. Also, you can follow your teams and the best players with customized news feed platforms available on these mobile apps. This is Football, Get these apps now.

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