10 Best Free 3d Modeling Software for Beginners

free 3d modeling software


Free 3d Modeling Software: Introduction

This post will give you a list of free 3D modeling software for beginners. So if you want to start learning how to use sophisticated software, it is best you start with the basic ones and graduate to the professional software. You will achieve two things. First, you will continue to learn at your pace and not be frustrated by the complicated terms of 3D and CAD. The second is the best part. You will not pay to use the software in this list.

free 3d modeling software

So, to give you the head start you need, I have compiled in this list 10 of the best free 3d modeling software for beginners. Let us start immediately.

10 Best free 3d modeling software for beginners


  1. FreeCAD

FreeCADfree 3d modeling software-FREECAD is an open-source parametric 3D software that was released in 2002. You can use this software as an option to expensive software like AutoCAD. Also, the software is totally free and comes loaded with a full set of design tools that let you make detailed and complex models.

This software is one of the easiest for beginners. So you can learn at your pace. However, since it is open-source, developers can add new modules and tools as the years roll by. It is one of the best options for beginners who hope to fully develop their skill in CAD.

  1. Fusion 360 (free trial and educational)

free 3d modeling software-fusion360This application has a free trial version and a commercial version. It was developed by Autodesk. Fusion 360 is a powerful software that allows you to do parametric modeling, extrude shapes, or create free forms. It is also very accurate.

This software is a professional software used for industrial design, and that makes a bit more complex for beginners to use. You can try this software after practicing with all the others in this list which would have given you the basic concepts of 3D modeling. So it won’t be that hard for you to use anymore.

  1. Sculptris

free 3d modeling software-sculptrisSculptris is another free 3D software you can use for digital sculpting created by Pixologic. You can use this software to learn how Z-Brush, (a professional software) works.

This software will let you edit any mesh with some brush strokes. It comes with a map or paint textures for 3D models. Although you can get it free from their website, Pixologic has stopped developing it. So, if you like digital sculpture, try this application.

  1. Onshape

onshapeOnshape is a free 3d modeling software created by Migenius for technical designs and spare parts. It was also the first full-cloud 3D software that was made. Beginners can try this free version of the software made for educational use and start learning with it.

However, to use the software, you have to register on the website and start making use of the features to sketch basic geometry, extrude objects and join them with ease. Its user interface is clean and it is compatible with mobile devices such as tablets, Android and iOS Smartphones.

More free 3d modeling software for beginners

  1. Blender

blenderThe Blender software is tough to use for beginners. However, it is fully open-source and free. So you can just try out the software features even if you are new to 3D modeling software. You can start from the Modifiers to transform the appearance of your models.

Additionally, you can get a low poly effect by using the Decimate tool. Also, to get a voxelized shape, you can use the Remesh tool. While the Silodify tool will add thickness to walls of the 3D printing, and the subdivision surface tool will make your models smoother.

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  1. Sketchup Free

Sketchup FreeAnother software we are looking at next is SketchUp. Actually, many who use it assume that it is the easiest free 3d modeling software. It has the Pro and Free versions which came out in the year 2000.

The free version is there on their website for you to register an account, and use it. Besides, its interface is easy to use and it is also online and intuitive.

This software may look easy but it is powerful because it was architects, designers, and filmmakers that were using Sketch initially. Also, its features give you the capacity to design complex and large objects.

  1. Tinkard

TinkerCADTinkercad is another 3D modeling software created by Autodesk and it is based online. This software is for educational purposes and so its user interface is friendly. It was designed for kids and people without a 3D experience.

Besides, this software teaches all the basic concepts of 3D modeling and lets you turn your idea into CAD model. This you can do by using drop and drag features like spheres and cubes. Moreso, the software is connected to 3D printers services. In addition, with a little practice, you can create a 3D model fast.

More free 3d modeling software for beginners

  1. Meshmixer

meshmixerMeshmixer is an easy software developed by Autodesk and it is a part of the free 3d modeling software. This software manipulates and transforms 3D objects and it works like Adobe Photoshop for 3D models.

Hence, beginners can use it to learn about 3D printing even as hobbyists. Also, with Meshmixer you can edit, repair, and optimize any model. Moreso, it comes with some sculpting tools for volumes and surfaces which you can learn easily and it is fully free.

  1. Vectary

vectaryVectary is laying claims to being the simplest 3D design tool.  And it has very good reasons to think this way. The reason is that it is a software that you can use online that has the 3D model capacity and also able to render images in real-time.

Vectary developer’s aim was to create products in graphics, and game design. Also, you can use it for 3d printing, and anyone interested in 3D modeling can also use it.

Vectary doesn’t require previous experience, just a basic knowledge of the concepts. It works with a drag and drop interface, making it not just easy, but very fun to use. It’s a great and powerful tool for beginners to learn. It also has a free version, which you can access by registering on their website.

  1. MatterControl

matterhackersMatterControl is designed and focused on the 3D printing community and it is in our list of free 3d modeling software. Also, MatterControl is a free, open-source program. And you can download it from the MatterHackers website.

This software allows you to use your intuition to create something from start to end. And you may also choose to modify already made models. This software has slicer functions that you can apply to your models and make them set for the 3D printer. Beginners can use this software to learn some terms of the industry.

Free 3d modeling software for beginners: Conclusion

This article gave you a list of free 3D modeling software for beginners. So you should start learning with these free applications until you become more knowledgeable and then graduate to use the professional software. Also, you do not have to pay while you learn. Now that you have this list, Start immediately to use them.


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