8 Free Apps Police Scanners In 2022


Are you looking for free apps police scanner to stay informed about what’s happening in your area? Then we have got you covered. In this article, we are going to tell 10 free police scanners apps for  Android and iPhone.

These free apps police scanners permit the users to have access via the internet. It gives you live updates about the current road situations and listens to the weather radio, air traffic, and fire department. In fact, you can keep insights about every department made publicly available. Though there are quite a lot of apps available that are free, some of them are useless. That’s why we have listed the best 8 free apps to keep in touch with live police feeds.

Let’s get started.

1. Broadcastify Police scanner

Broadcastify provides coverage from 6500 global channels organized by the user’s country and metro area. It gives you complete access to rail, aviation, marine, weather, aircraft, marine and public safety. You can make your own favorite list, sort out the feed by Location browser and get the real-time updated statistics. Moreover, the app has also a website so that you can hear to the news on the desktop by connecting it to your headset and IPad as well. The app’s interface is pretty straightforward and user-friendly. It comes with a free and pro version, but the latter provides no ads and feed archives.


2. Scanner Radio – Fire and Police Scanner

The app lets you hear the feed from over 7000 fire and temperature forecast radios, marine scanners, air traffic, fire, aviation, and police channels. It offers a variety of features like getting a notification when any user tunes in, mobile alerts, and sorting out the complete list by filters, i.e. location or genre. Users can also put the scanner radio appliance or shortcuts on your main screen. The app has a free and pro version that allows recording audio and gives coverage without any ads.

3. 5-0 Radio Police scanner

This is one of the most popular Android and iOS police scanner apps giving coverage about Fire, EMS, and police feed. What makes it apart from others is that you can listen to the feed even when it’s minimized. Further, the app comes with a handful of features like a collection of police shortcodes, communicating with other users, and making custom feeds. You can also filter out broadcasts by country and share recordings. While there are some great features, some appearance problems like oversized buttons can be put off for users. Like other apps, it also has a pro version that share feeds without ads and upgrades.

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4. Police Scanner +

If you are searching for an app with a huge variety of stations, this one is for you. With 40,000 channels, you can choose from thousands of feeds. The app allows the users to watch Broadcastify shows, record, and email the mp3 edition to their friends. You can search for the broadcast by entering the URL, setting the timer to pause the channel at a particular time, and waking you up for your favorite channel. The pro version costs you $5 monthly and an annual subscription for $40.

5. Police Scanner!

This app is considered one of the best apps for Android phones. Thanks to its unique features, you can easily use its simple interface. You can hear to the frequencies and connect to the EMS and police feed. Having coverage worldwide like Canada, Australia, Ireland, etc., you can hear the feed. If you’re going to use other apps in the background, this app allows you to listen in the background. Further, the app developers are continuously keeping it updated to match the app with the latest version of your Android and iPhone devices.

6. Police scanner X

Looking for an app that saves battery time and faster playback? Then this one is for you. The app has custom stream players that allow you to watch on battery-saving options. It gives you access to the top 50 local signals and contains 10 polices code. The app is quite responsive as the signals take under 3 minutes to come. So users can connect to the police broadcasts and networks like Madison, Newark, and Cleveland police in no time.

7. Police Scanner Free

Get this app to access above than 5000 fire, helpline, police, and other radio coverage. You can sort it out according to the province, country, and state. The app features route finder or 3G, or Wifi triangulation to search for the closest channel to your location. You can make your favorite list and select the feed of your own choice . It allows hearing feed from air traffic, marine, public safety, and a lot more.

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8. Scanner 911

Another great app that enables the user to listen to the coverage from police, weather, and EMS scanners from all over the country. The built-in equalizer with amplifier effects allows for adjusting the sound. You can hear the feed in the background. You can search out according to location, distance, country, city, or town. It includes ten police codes to help you know the action nearby. The app comes with multiple features like a customized sleep set option to save the battery. Similarly, to manage the stream, you can do it with the help of headset handles or a lock screen option.

The Verdict

Now you can easily listen to the police feed, weather updates, and live radio shows with these above-mentioned free apps police scanners. Unlike the police scanner radio that you have to set yourself manually, it does not require any hassle to set it up. You can easily use these free apps without fearing doing anything illegal. The apps consist of handy features like maintaining your favorite list, setting up notifications, saving up battery time, etc. Though these are free to use yet, you can switch to their pro versions that enhance user experience with no ads and more.

We hope this article has helped you know 8 free apps for police scanning. So what are you waiting for? Try these apps to be aware of everything happening around now!

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